5 Secrets Hitters Do Not Want Pitchers to Know

April 5, 2014

Hitting a baseball is a very tough task. Both the hitter and pitcher are always trying to find methods(“secrets”) to best succeed at their jobs. Listed below are 5 things a pitcher can do to make it even more difficult for the hitters!!

1. Hitters HATE the ball in on their fists. Most hitters love the ball down the middle and away. Most pitches “low and in” get golfed and most “up and in” get tomahawked! Pitches above the belt and on the inside corner are impossible to drive as the batter cannot extend his arms.

2. Hitters HATE constantly changing speeds. A good pitcher tries to upset the timing of the hitter. All hitters love “heat”! When a pitcher changes speed, it forces the batter to not only have to gauge location and pitch type, but also the timing of the swing. Keep the batter off-balanced!! Make them work.

3. Hitters HATE to hit with two strikes. Most hitters go into a defensive mode with two strikes. Most of all, they do not want the umpire to decide the at bat with a bad call, and secondly, they just want to put the ball in play.
Most hitters will expand their strike zones and are avoiding the strikeout. Get two strikes on them and put the pressure on the batter.

4. Hitters love pitchers who only throw strikes. Good pitchers throw pitches that look like strikes but either tail or “move”. Just throwing strikes allows the hitter to time the pitches and drill the ball. Do not allow the batter to get comfortable and mix your pitches; and do not throw the ball over the middle of the plate.

5. Hitters feed on fear! Challenge hitters and do not nibble around the plate. You must believe you can get any batter out at any time. Do not show fear; get the ball and pitch hard! Be confident and jam the batter….you must pitch inside to get them out.

All good pitchers dictate the tempo of the game. Do not let batters get a chance to work the count. Be positive and assertive and go get ‘em!! You are the King of the Hill.