5 Secrets Pitchers Do Not Want Hitters to Know

May 9, 2014

The main goal of a pitcher is to deceive the batter and to upset his timing! A good efficient pitcher will get the batter to hit the ball early in the count and mix speeds with various grips/motions. Most importantly, a pitcher will never throw the same pitch, at the same speed, to the same location to the same batter in an at bat! Below are listed the things that a pitcher does not want a hitter to know:

1. The plate is only 17” wide: Actually it is 13” as the middle 4” is “clobberville”, hence the plate is a very small target for the pitcher to hit. In fact, some umps make it even smaller!! The size of the plate makes it very easy for a good hitter to protect. Hitters: Establish your strike zone and GYPTH!

2. NO Pitcher has perfect control and/or command: In each plate appearance, a hitter will get at least ONE very good pitch to hit…find YOURS! Take a pitch or two; getting deep into the count puts pressure on the pitcher. The more pitches you see the easier it is to time the pitch.

3. Pitcher’s effectiveness suffers as his pitch count rises: Arms tire and the legs lose push, therefore, control wanes and he makes more mistakes. Swinging early helps the pitcher! NEVER allow a pitcher a three(3) pitch inning!

4. Most pitchers love to work the outside corners: This creates more room for misses/error and these pitches are harder to hit. Increase plate coverage and hit the outside pitch to the opposite field. Do not try to pull the ball, but let it travel more and hit it with a short, quick swing the other way.

5. Everyone loves a Home Run hitter: Pitchers love to see the batter who swings with an upper cut and one who has a long swing. They will throw off speed and high(above the hands) to get the easy pop up. Pitchers hate the “chippers” who just “chip away”.

A pitchers WORST nightmare: He has to come to you with a pitch. He must throw the ball through a very small window. He will make a mistake during your at bat. You expect the outside pitch. The short, quick swing will lead to his short quick stay on the bump!!!

Hitters: Work the count and GYPTH!!!