August 2020: Newsletter

August 7, 2020


“Big BOYS don’t cry…they just take one for the team!!”

Wow, the summer we all wish to forget or….regret!?!  In all the years that I have been involved with baseball(over 70!), this one is the worst!  Prior to this one I thought that only playing 25 games was bad…so little did I know!  The political posturing and the ineptness of unified and cogent leadership has robbed us of an entire season!  They may spin it any way they wish but the politicos have ruined the normal socialization of youngsters in many ways.  The inconsistent and arbitrary decisions have impacted the entire state.  How can the Mariners play and not kids?  How can people travel to other counties and states and play??  Really!?  It is not a sin to be stupid, but it is a transgression worthy of note.  There are NO consistent and/or rational regulations and the lack of enforcement is whatever they deem true to their antiquated rhetoric.  Teams should not be allowed to travel to other places if you REALLY want to keep everyone safe!!  Simple and basic common sense.  KWTP!

I will not nor would not take any of our teams anywhere as it is no more safe(or unsafe) in other counties/states! It is our responsibility and job to be the role models for youngsters.  I realize everyone wishes to play ball, BUT, if we are to contain or even combat the covid then we need to STAY HOME and follow the protocol of the “experts”.  At this point people are not and how is that working!???? Adults must be the ones to guide the youngsters and not dodge the issue by circumventing the system.  These actions do not teach accountability/responsibility but show a lack of long term thinking and not teaching the correct lessons of life that our youth need to learn!

As to the Klouter season:  We have still scheduled the last three tourneys and have met with both county and state leaders in the hope that they will realize that Phil Johnson is safer than most of their homes!  Nick has gone to great lengths to be ensure safety and proper protocol on all levels.  We will proceed as if there will be the Big Bash, Love of the Game and Last Licks!!!  Dreaming?  Probably, but we will stick to doing it the right way and not give in to short term greed!

At any rate, we will have a BASEBALL CHALLENGE at the end of the month(date to be announced).  This is a “blast from the past”…an activity that was part of our earlier FirstSwing  programs that requires a lot of work but tests each player’s abilities, resolve, and mental aptitude!  We have the approval of the city and county to host this at Phil Johnson as long as we follow the basic rules/protocol as directed by the authorities.  We will send out more information later but basically, any Klouter, any sibling, and even parents are invited to take part in these challenges.

For the Challenge, there are individual, family, and other categories..we hope all will participate and see if YOU are up to the CHALLENGE(S)!!!  Throwing, running, hitting/bunting, mental conundrums, and more will test to see who really can play and who knows the game!!  Prizes for all categories and even 4 team events!!!!  More to follow!!!!  GAGPTH!!!

Hopefully, this Newsletter finds you safe and getting ready to return to school.  Keep in mind that those who do all their schoolwork and keep on a regular schedule/regimen will advance to higher levels than those who disdain the system and just loll around.  Stay the course and get ahead of all the others by working harder and smarter. Study hard and follow YOUR dream.

(see attached)

HEROES of the MONTHEmma Webber(intern)-off to U of Alabama..Roll Tide!! Henry Treutler(Hanoi Klouter/HYBC) for his success in track and superlative art!! Kari Innes(parent) for her outstanding work with our FirstSwing store and its growth!! Dylan Owen(Alum-HOF) for acceptance to Whitworth for grades/athletics!!  Tom Treutler(Hanoi Klouter/HYBC) for help in developing the new “Life Lessons” cards.  Sandy Owen(HOF) for the preparation of the new cards for print! Nick Paredes(Tourney Director and HOF) for his relentless work in trying to get the tourneys in play….FAW!!

BOOK of the MONTH: Sam Houston and the Alamo Avengers, Brian Kilmeade.  The true story of what happened after the massacre and the founding of Texas.  The heroism of a group of “teammates” that would not quit until they had their independence.

MOVIE of the MONTH: “The Sandlot”. This is the third time Sandlot has been cited as it s time for the kids to just go and play!!  It is the quintessential movie depicting what the game is all about and how kids can just play and learn the lessons of life inherent in the game..Watch it and DO IT!!

WORD of the MONTH: Ubiquitious…found everywhere!!

 QUOTE of the MONTH:  “Only a fool argues with a skunk, mule, or the cook!”

COLLEGE SPORT TRADITION of the MONTH: Army-Navy football game when the President of the US changes sides at halftime!

FOREIGN BASEBALL WORD of the MONTH:  Chandelle(French)-pop up!

MOTHER’S ADVICE of the MONTH: My mother taught me logic-“Because I said so!!”

BASEBALL QUOTE of the MONTH: “Play HAPPY!  Willie Mays

PLEASE stay safe and wear a mask!!  We ALL must work as a team to help eradicate this terrible scourge and get back to some type of normalcy!!

Keep the faith and we will get back on the diamond!!  GAGPTH

Coach Phil