March 11, 2013


Too many times we see parents and coaches “negotiating” with, and enabling youngsters. As the game of baseball basically reflects real life and is an excellent educational classroom, it is imperative that we consider the ramifications of such adult behavior. Young players must learn how to be accountable and responsible for their actions. Baseball provides a “no harm, no foul” environment for these tough learning situations, and parents must not step in and “fix” everything! If a youngster does not learn failure or not having his/her own way at a young age, it will impede their social development as they mature. Baseball is a game of fallibility and each player must learn to deal with it. The “lessons of life” learned in baseball(and most sports) provide a viable experience for all involved. Let’s let them grow!! GAGPTH! FAW!!

The below listed ABSOLUTES are very important and must be followed:

  1. The player MUST carry and be responsible for his/her equipment. This entails keeping it clean, carrying their own bag, etc.
  2. A player must take a jacket to every game and put it on after the game…whether it is hot or cold. It will keep their arm protected.
  3. Hydrate every night. The best rule to follow is to drink 6-8 glasses of water every day!! Stay off seeds/soda pop as they will dehydrate a player.
  4. Stretch/run 15-20 minutes before EACH and EVERY practice, game(any sport). Never throw to warm up…always stretch the arm and run before throwing!
  5. NO SEEDS, SODA POP, GUM, or CANDY at any games.
  6. Skip rope 5-10 minutes EVERY day..twice!!!
  7. Eat five(5) colors at each meal. Condiments do not count: Purple, orange and green are the BEST colors to eat.
  8. Hustle everywhere on the diamond and get to every ball…must get ball! It takes NO talent to do so! Compete!! FAW!
  9. Swing a bat 10-20 times per day. Focus on your mechanics and they will become second-nature to you.
  10. Parents: Do not talk to your youngster during a game UNLESS it is an absolute emergency. Then first ask the coach if you may do so. Players must focus on the game, not you!
  11. Learn to bunt!
  12. Treat all teammates the same: It is “we not me”…bullying is not acceptable!
  13. Keep your equipment clean and ready to go: glove oiled, knots tied; bat clean and check for dings; helmet clean; shoes/cleats clean, shined and “aired out”; bag organized and ready to go with all equipment, etc.
  14. Throw 3-5 times per week for 10-15 minutes. Play long toss to strengthen your arm.
  15. Core Conditioning and other: Each and every day do something to maintain and develop your core…it is where the game is played.

These ABSOLUTES are NOT negotiable and ALL players should absolutely follow these to the letter! It is your obligation to your team and self to be the BEST you can be….Get Good and be a “gamer”. GAGPTH! KWTP!