Baseball as of 8-31-20

September 2, 2020

a note from Phil…Once again we tried everything in the book to cajole, shame and “convince” the politicos that we should be able to host our “Last Licks” tourney. I went to them directly three(3) times and they complimented us on our procedures(protocols), but the final word was that they did not feel it safe to play youth baseball. It absolutely befuddles and sickens me that they have opened bowling alleys, flea markets, food/farmer’s markets, and allow the pro teams to play! Worse yet, practices are allowed, but not games. All that being said we are cancelling the “Last Licks ” tourney and put our last efforts into the Fall Classic, September 24-27th. Please email me (Phil) if we can schedule you in as we are bound and determined to play some games this season. I thank each and every one of you for your patience and understanding. Nick has done the greatest job and taken the time to not just schedule all the games but to be sure that every safety and protocol has been honed and ready to go. It is with great regret and sadness that we have lost 5 of our historical tourneys…not to the virus but to small minded politically ambitious people that will not take into consideration the necessity of getting kids out and playing. I sincerely hope we are not engendering a new wave of paranoia and kids who will be afraid of the outdoors and playing sports!! We will never quit and hope to see you on the diamond!GAGPTH!

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