Baseball Intelligence: June 2018 First Things First?

Hope you are enjoying the baseball season at EVERY level!  Below, please find this month’s B-IQ.  For you locals our next tourney is July 20-22nd..hope to see you on the diamond!  GAGPTH! Phil

Baseball Intelligence June 2018

Was going to write about the famous gaffes in baseball but JR Smith took the air out of my sails…not knowing the score?  Really?  I guess he will just have to settle with his multi-million dollar contract!   REO!!

Great interview with Aaron Judge

Aaron Judge: Once I committed to Fresno, I was solely focused on baseball. All the way through high school, I was playing three sports and just enjoying it; I wasn’t too serious about any of them. To be honest, I would get tired of the sports. Once it got near the end of football, I’d say, “I can’t wait for basketball season to get here; I’m tired of getting hit every day.” Then once it got to the end of basketball, it was, “I’m tired of running up and down the court; when does baseball start?” Then when baseball was deep in the season, I would start getting excited for football again. It was a cycle. I think that helps me now, because it’s still fresh for me; I’m not worn out from playing 8-and-under travel ball when I was a kid.

Here is a link to the article. 20180529&content_id=278026828& vkey=news_nyy&c_id=nyy