Baseball Intelligence(B-IQ): November, 2015(#51)

December 10, 2015

“Better Late Than Never!”

It is noted that Halloween has passed but it is good time to look back(Fall back)at some of the “treats” of the 2015 MLB season as well as some of the “tricks” of the game. The very tastiest “treat” was last night’s KC Royal World Series victory! As the GREAT ONE would espouse, “How sweet it is!”. Not only is it a “treat” to see a small market team win, but one that actually plays the game of baseball. THE Ned manages as if it is a real game and utilizes all the resources available to him. First of all, the building of the team took time and there was considerable thought in putting together the pieces(not Reeses), and they play their way! Three great first round draft choices, finding speedy defenders that also know how to run the bases, using pinch runners, BUNTING, finding low priced reliable relievers, and unloading a $20 million/year pitcher to get Cain and Escobar. After assembling the team, THE Ned let them play(their way), albeit with a strong sense of making contact and moving runners(novel idea? M’s watching?). The very most sumptuous “treat” was the Royals’ adjustments with two strikes…almost every batter went short to the ball with two strikes, trying to make contact and not strike out. In one of the WS games they only missed pitches three times with two strike counts! It should not be a “treat” to see a professional team play the game the way it is supposed to be played; it should be rule rather than the accept ion! Moreover, the Royals even won eleven(11) games with the use of a key pinch runner!!! Hopefully, many of the youth coaches and young players learned that you can win games if you assemble players who will play team-ball, hustle with emotion, put the ball in play, and make adjustments during the game….heck it is easy as life! Most of the professional teams will not change as it will still be about making the most $$$$, letting the entitled players have their way, and disappointing the fans to the extent that many are looking for another game that will “treat” them to fun and exciting experience!!

The real “trick” of the game is NO tricks are needed! Teaching young players solid fundamentals and encouraging them to play hard is the key to not just the game but also of life. It has already been established that life, nor baseball is fair, and that there are NO secrets to success…even though many “select” coaches will opine that they can get your kid successfully to the BIGS! Youth ball should be an experience where a young person can learn a very fun and historically relevant game that will last them a lifetime of memories and fun. Just “suiting up” is an awesome experience and one that all kids should be able to ENJOY! Teaching the “life lessons” of the game will not only empower the youngsters to become good, solid and productive citizens but also loving parents and caring spouses. Baseball does MATTER, but if parents and coaches do not make the effort to JUST teach and play the game, many youth will quit and later may never even expose their progeny to baseball! There really is not “trick” to the value of the game, and the Royals proved it can be done at the adult level! Kudos to THE Ned and Royal leadership! It is the BEST of “treats”! GAGPTH! TYT, COM!!

THINGS to do in November: TIME FOR EYE EXAM #2! NOW!!! PLEASE do it NOW!!

  1. Be sure to throw on a regular basis in your free(you do have the time) time…3-4 times every 10 days or so, throw for 10 minutes. No one to play catch with? Use a wall!!
  2. EAT FIVE(5) COLORS at EVERY meal! Eat the rainbow. Hydrate each and EVERY day!
  3. Learn one new baseball drill per week..focus on your deficiencies. Begin with the basics: throwing and catching the ball.
  4. Remember what Yogi said: “The game is 90% mental and the other half is physical!”

Book of the Month: The Matheny Manifesto, Mike Matheny. This is one of the BEST books ever written by a youth coach(now a MLB manager-St. Louis). His “letter of communication” to the parents is classic and is available on line…it went viral and has had millions of hits(all in fair play)…hope some really take it to heart! Go Klouters!

Movie of the Month: “Jobs”. The story of Steven Jobs and his vision of “wealth and happiness”. Adapted from the book and very well acted. 5 GLOVES

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