Baseball Matters, but Character MATTERS More!

October 12, 2015

The FirstSwing Foundation believes that baseball is more than just a game. Baseball is a means to teach many of the life lessons that will empower a youngster to become a good solid and productive citizen, and hopefully, a loving spouse and caring parent. While playing such a simple game, one learns the important lessons of life, and these will help build strong character and physical strength. It is imperative that all youngsters be exposed to decision-making and problem solving situations, and become aware of the value of hard work, perseverance, integrity, poise, conditioning, proper diet, etal. Baseball provides all of these in a fun and educational environment that is competitive and based on meritocracy.

FirstSwing has created and developed a set of baseball cards entitled Characters. Each card depicts a famous ball player or person who made their mark involved in the game. Some are true paragons of real grit and iconic character while others are just zany “characters” who helped make the game fun while adding to the historical lore/ value of the game. These trading cards will be distributed to youngsters who attend FirstSwing camps and activities as a gift.   It is imperative that we continually expose our next generations to the positive role models and focus on the “life lessons” that are learned while playing the game!

We are looking for 25-30 sponsors to help us produce the cards. The sponsor’s name and/or logo will be on their respective card(s). The cost is $500.00 per card or two cards for $750.00. Each sponsor will receive 100 cards for their own distribution. The remainder of the cards will be handed out at FirstSwing Camps and other activities. These will be on hard stock and unique in design.

FirstSwing has worked hard the past number of years to encourage youngsters to play sports, eat properly, study and work diligently, and to be involved in community service. The Character Cards will be a “collectible” reminder that there is more to life than just playing the game!!!

Hope you will join our team! GAGPTH!