May 11, 2015

All kinds of numbers are important in life. From your GPA to your BA or ERA, each has a special meaning and can help you improve in your school work, home life, physical development, and on the athletic field. Later in life your cholesterol, blood pressure, PSA, and other numbers will become even more important. PAY attention to the numbers(#####)!!!

  1. ZERO(0) seeds, soda pop, energy drinks, caffeine, gum, and candy. ZERO(0) sleepovers the night before a game or practice!!
  2. FIVE(5) or MORE(6 to be safe) colors at EVERY Meal EVERY day!! No condiments count.
  3. EIGHT(8) hours of sleep each and EVERY night!
  4. SIXTY-FOUR(64) ounces of water each and EVERY day. Hydration is key to a healthy life and clear thinking! 82 is even better.
  5. TWO(2). The number of choices you have in life. Good ones or bad ones!! AND the number of EYE EXAMS per year!!
  6. THREE(3). The minimum number of sports a youth should play each year. Multiple sports keep the body sound, helps develop a better inventory of skill sets, and keeps the youth fresher and active.
  7. TWO to THREE(2-3) minutes jumping rope each morning and evening.
  8. TWO(2) sets(minimum) of roll-ups per day.
  9. ONE(1). Minimum amount of new words you should learn each day.
  10. TEN(10) minutes or more EACH day to reflect on the day, record your doings, and prep for the next day.
  11. THIRTY(30) minute of reading and 30 of aerobic exercise.
  12. UNLIMITED. The number of hours you should study for school, work hard to improve yourself, help your family and teammates, and YBON!!

Too much for a single day? NOPE! You have 24(twenty-four) hours and should utilize as many of these as the investment in the numbers will realize you successes beyond your dreams!! GAGPTH! YBON! BTG! FAW!

“Laugh, Think, and Cry each and every day”