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June 2020 Newsletter: “A bad attitude is worse than a bad swing!”

Please read!!! Last week the Governor moved Snohomish into Phase 2 so we may be on course to open in mid-July. The Newsletter below must be read and parents, please respond to the coaches’ when they email you as to your availability!

It is imperative that you read the next few paragraphs as it is time to make some very tough decisions regarding the coming summer season..if we are fortunate enough to have one! Many youth coaches and parents have given into to their anxieties and desire to play as soon as they can. Many local teams are heading to Oregon and Idaho to “escape” the virus because they hope that being in Phase 4 will be safe and sound. This rush to judgment hurts all of us, as parents and coaches are suppose to be role models and do “the right thing”! EVERYONE wants to get out of the house and stir crazy is the rule not the exception. That being said we CANNOT let our emotions dictate actions that may have long term repercussions! Going to other states before we are in Phase 3 is irresponsible and again, as parents and coaches we MUST be patient and follow
the mandates where we live. People will be at all these tourneys from all over and staying in hotels and sponsoring homes is not the safe and prudent solution.
FirstSwing and Klouter baseball is the learning environment for not just baseball but for empowering youngsters to grow up and become solid and responsible/accountable citizens. We will not RUSH to play because the kids are restless or the parents really want baseball. I have been in the game since 1947 and there are very few that love the game more than I do…I have
never “aged-out” of the game. I will NOT give into my emotions and take a chance will all those people that I love, care for, and respect for a few moments of gratification. As a parent and coach I must do what will teach the youngsters that this is not a fun time and it is serious enough to take the heat and control the learning environment.
Nick and I have been working on a plan to begin the tournaments in conjunction with the City of Everett and stay within the state mandates. At this time, we are aiming for July 16-20 at Phil Johnson with all three teams playing. I am not going to outline the entire plan but suffice it to say it is based on science, health requirements, and a very prudent set of procedures to protect
EVERYONE. It will not be “business as usual”…we are limiting teams and it will be an environment limited to playing the game and staying out of harm’s way! Moreover, the Klouters three teams will play in 3 of the four other tourneys already scheduled. July 24-26, the August tourney and Labor Day. Playing after the first tourney will be decided after we assess the first tourney!

Your coaches will be e-mailing you to determine to see if we have enough players to play in these. If you commit, you must be able to be there. We need to know accurate numbers or this will not work. Also, players should be throwing and running, and keeping in shape. We will try

to schedule a workout or two and maybe a scrimmage…we can always have Klouter workouts to

shake off the dust!

The Klouter credo will be tested in this time of uncertainty. Let us try to be the parents and

coaches that will teach the principles/tenets/mores that will empower the youngsters to learn to

make the good decisions and solve problems without undue emotion and giving in to “me-ism”

and the NOW mentality so rampant in our country!!

HEROES of the MONTH: Griffin McKnight(12U) for his selection to the National Junior

Honor Society. Matthias Bolton(Alum) for getting his driver’s license!! Yen Ha(Intern-

Vietnam Klouter) for finishing her PHD thesis and getting ready for the orals!! Connor

McKnight(10U) for his very insightful first published poem, “Planting Seeds”; Miss

Genie(Coach wife) for her over 230 hours of sewing to help the Boys Scouts make their quota

of making masks. Irene Akiyama(Alum parent/coordinator) for her hard work not just as our

coordinator but also for her dedication to her hospital work during these very uncertain times!!

Emma Webber(Intern) for acceptance to U of Alabama!

BOOK of the MONTH: Wax Pack, Brad Balukjian. The story of a ex-baller who opens a pack

of old Topps baseball cards and then goes and finds out what they did after and


MOVIE of the MONTH: History Channel “Grant”…story of the American general turned


ARTICLE of the MONTH: “The Ability to Persist”-Johan Hultin. The story of the Spanish

Flu of 1918..very interesting and in concise terms tells the story of the last great pandemic. Well

worth reading!! It is in the current issue of Sports Illustrated, June 2020

It is so important in these turbulent times to “stay in your” lane and keep your calm. Every

generation has its challenges and it is a good time to listen, keep your opinions to yourself, and

keep strongly committed to your convictions and aspirations!!

The looting and unrest are from people who will not work hard and earn what they deserve…it is

the easy out and with no respect to others lives or properties!

Each Klouter player MUST start working hard TODAY!! See attached.

Hope to see you soon on the diamond..GAGPTH! KWTP!!

Coach Phil

Klouter Newsletter: July 2016

“Life can be summed up in three words:  It Goes On!!”

     Without risk we do not ever find true success. In life as in baseball, each of us must work hard to be the best that we can be as well as take chances to overcome our deficiencies and learn the game and life. The greatness of baseball is that it provides a no-lose platform for youngsters to see how good they can be. It is a team sport but is composed of individual skill sets. The challenge for each player is to learn to play the game while at the same time learning the life lessons that it provides. Risk is mandatory…without it one will never find out what one can really do!!

     EVERYONE has both gifts and pitfalls. If something does not fit or work in your life, YOU must adjust and fix it; you cannot stay the same…risk and you will be rewarded!! Remember that Einstein was four before he ever said a word, Isaac Newton did very poorly in school, Thomas Edison was told he was “stupid”, Michael Jordan was cut from his high school team, Walt Disney was told he “lacked imagination” and had no good ideas, and Babe Ruth struck out over 1300 times!! Also, Eddie Gaedel made it to MLB and he was only 37” tall and Jim Abbott made it with one hand(won a gold in the Olympics and pitched a no-hitter in the Majors). Problems and difficulties in life are opportunities for new learning and personal growth. Enjoy every moment and risk…you NEVER know!!! Do not Quit and Get Over the Wall!! KWTP!

                      Life can be summed up in three words: It Goes On!!

     Our first camp is over and it was a great experience! We had over 110 campers and they worked hard and played hard! The demeanor of the campers and their positive attitudes allowed us to work on some advanced skill sets and drills. Skills Camp was exceptionally good with all focusing on the fundamentals and proper conditioning! We hope to see YOU at the next camp, July 11-15 and the one following, July 18-22. PLEASE do sign up and also help us find new campers!! We need your help!! Thanks!! If you were in the first camp and wish to enroll in another, you can sign up with Everett Parks and Rec or with Coach Phil…there is a special “Re- Do” camp price for repeaters. GAGPTH!

Our next tourney is for all age divisions, 8U-9U-10U-11U-12U. Please let us know immediately if you will NOT be there; no need to contact us if you will be there. If you have a loaner jersey and/or cap, please bring it to the tourney. Also, 8U, you will have two workouts prior to the July 23-24th tourney at Phil Johnson…times TBA; most likely Tuesday the 19th and Wednesday the 20th, noon to 2 or so at Phil Johnson. FAW!!!

-Coach Phil

Important Reminders
  • July 11th – 15th: First Swing Camp
  • July 19th & 20th: **Tentative 8U Practice- TBA**
  • July 23nd – 24th:  Three Earls I Tournament
  • July 29th –  31st:  Three Earls II Tournament
  • August 13th – 14th:  Everett Invitational
  • Sep 2nd – 5th:  Last Licks Tournament

Talk Up Camps & Spread the Word
First Swing Summer Camps

  • July 11-15:*
    • M-F:  9am – 12pm Regular Camp
    • T-TH:  1pm – 4pm Skills Camp
  • July 18-22: *
    • M-F:  9am – 12pm Regular Camp
    • T-TH:  1pm – 4pm Skills Camp
  • August 15-19:  Clyde Hill in Bellevue

*Register with Everett Parks & Recreation
Bellevue Camp register directly with Coach Phil

If you have questions please do email Coach Phil at
Registration For Bellevue Camp
FirstSwing Summer Camp Details

FirstSwing summer camps are in full swing. Regular Camp will run from 9am to noon, Monday thru Friday, and Skills 1-4 on Tues-Thursday. ALL 8-9-10U players must attend both sessions. All interns need to notify us as to your availability and must attend the first camp. There will be two other camps to follow in Everett and the last camp will be in Bellevue, August 15-19th at Clyde Hill School. We NEED your help finding new campers and promoting these at your schools, with your leagues and with your LL or other teams. THANKS!
Scholarships, team rates, and family rates are available!!!

Coach Phil’s Comments on ‘Why Wood’?
“Coulda, “Wooda”, Schoulda..use Wood!”


It is HIGHLY recommended that young hitters learn how to hit a baseball with a wood bat and…practice with wood bats. Wood empowers the hitter to develop proper swing/hitting mechanics and to maximize the most efficient and proficient swing. Wood tells the truth with instant feedback!! Wood is NOT forgiving!!!

  1. Wood bats BREAK!! A good hitter will prevent breakage once he understands the value of the placement of the trademark on the bat. The trademark is placed where the highest possibility of failure is on the bat. No two bats are alike so the trademark is different on each one. Hence, hit with wood with the LABEL UP OR DOWN. While holding the bat with both hands, extended over the plate, the label should face straight up or down.
  2. About 75% of all bats will break when the ball is hit off the end of the bat, NOT off the fists/hands. As a result, the contact must be on the “sweet spot” and will force the hitter to make solid contact. This will improve hitting with both wood and metal.
  3. Wood bats are generally heavier(and are usually -3). The hitter must start the swing earlier/sooner to get it through the contact zone in order to hit the ball out in front of the plate. This will also increase hand speed for a metal bat!!!
  4. The wood bat will “cure” swinging at pitches that are too far inside or too far outside. If the hitter persists in doing either of these, he will be going throw a “forest of wood”.
  5. Wood bats increase awareness of the true strike zone. They will magnify improper mechanics and a hitter will fail to make solid contact, and as a result, bad swings turn into outs…not lucky hits as with a metal bat.
  6. The sweet spot is smaller on a wood bat and the barrel diameters usually are as well. A hitter must start the hands earlier, select better pitches, and have a flat or level swing.
  7. You can not “cheat” with a wood bat. “Bad swing equals bad result!” With metal, many bad swings can become base hits.
  8. Hitting with wood will teach a hitter to hit with good, solid mechanics, and let him feel the drag through the strike zone when swinging incorrectly. It will also avoid “bees in the hands”!!

To GET GOOD, hit with WOOD!!! See the FirstSwing article “Why Wood?” GAGPTH!!!!! 

Read: The “End of the Rope”
Why we do not chew gum while IN THE GAME…
and other Dugout Demeanor
  1. NO seeds, soda, candy, or gum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Find YOUR spot in the dugout and keep ALL your gear in that area. Put your bat in the rack and keep your helmet readily available.
  3. ON OFFENSE: Put your cap in your glove EVERY inning, every time, and be ready to do not know what is going to happen. Know when you hit and be ready 4(yes 4) batters ahead of you!!!
  4. Your glove and cap should ALWAYS be across from your bag. Tell your teammates, who play near you on defense, where they are so they can “glove” you if you are on base or make the last out. You do NOT need to return to the is “bush” and creates havoc and looks like a “fire drill”!
  5. Keep the dugout CLEAN and organized…bats in the racks, helmets orderly, your “stuff” in your bag!!
  6. Have a warm up ball ready and if you are not in the field make sure someone is warming up the out fielder closest to our dugout.
  7. Do NOT talk to ANY fan or person that is not on our team during the game. If you must talk to someone please tell the coaches and we will send you out of the dugout to do so if absolutely necessary. FOCUS on the game!!!
  8. Help the catcher “gear up’!
  9. “Stay in the Game”!! You must concentrate on the ball and the game the entire game. If you are not a starter on defense, you must be ready at ALL times to go in. Support your teammates when not in and when they are at bat. We do not yell or say anything that is off color or negative!!
  10. WATCH THE BALL!!! Not just for a moment BUT the ENTIRE game!! Check our defense to make sure we are doing what we are supposed to be doing. Look at the other team to see what we can do to get an edge! Be a positive teammate and peer coach.
  13. KWTP and GAGPTH!


Spankie Schmidt and Scott Spaulding(Coaches): 
For an outstanding camp experience!

Connor Sand, George Reidy, Drake Budinick, Kemper Michael, Brady Johnson, Quinn Iacolucci, Travis Johnson, Dylan Owen, Gabe Feliciano, andAndrew Stupey:
For great work at camp(All Alums).

Tyler Spaulding(9U):
For his leadership at camp and earning Camper of the Week.

To all the Klouters who made All Star in their various leagues… nice work!

Coach Phil’s Picks of the Month

FACTOID of the MONTH: On August 4, 1908, the Brooklyn team beat St. Louis 4-0 and they used only ONE ball for the entire game!!

BASEBALL TALK: Rembrandt-a pitcher who paints the corners of the plate!

DRILL of the MONTH: Core work-Using a medicine ball(circa 6-8 pounds), stand with feet shoulder-width apart, toes slightly out and hold the ball at chest level. In a simple and easy motion squat while flexing through the hips, knees and ankles, while keeping the back flat. When your thighs are parallel to the ground, explode up. As you rise, extend your arms straight up and push the ball as high as possible. Do 3 sets of six. This will also help you with your vertical leap.

TIP of the MONTH: Use a wood bat when practicing in order to develop and refine the proper mechanics in hitting(see attached). You may find very cheap ones at Goodwill, garage sales, etc.

RULE of the MONTH: A tipped foul ball into the catcher’s glove or even dropped is a very good opportunity to steal. It is a live ball and not a FOUL ball!

BOOK of the MONTH: Swing, Philip Beard. This is a novel that neatly ties baseball into the life of a young man coming of age.

MOVIE of the MONTH: 30 for 30(ESPN): “Doc and Darryl”…a documentary following the after-baseball lives of Doc Gooden and Darryl Strawberry. Fascinating with good life lessons!

PLAYER of the MONTH(Youth): Keaton Moffitt(age 7)-he made two(2) unassisted triple plays in the same game!

QUOTE of the MONTH: “Work like there is someone working 24 hours a day to take it away from you” Mark Twain

PROFILE of the MONTH: Thomas Jefferson

Although Thomas Jefferson did not play baseball, he is our Profile of the Month in honor of the 4th of July, Independence Day. Jefferson(TJ-his baseball nickname) was a remarkable man who started learning about life and the world at a very young age, and NEVER stopped!!

At five, he began studying with his cousin as his tutor. At age nine he was studying Latin, Greek, and French, and by 14 he was fully read in classical literature and other languages. TJ entered William and Mary College at 16 and could write Greek with one hand while writing Latin with the other! At 19 he began his study of law and at 23 opened his own private law practice. At 25 he was elected to the Virginia legislature and he wrote his famous treatise on the Rights of British and retired from law.

TJ was a delegate to the 2nd Continental Congress at 32 and wrote the Declaration of Independence at age 33. The same year he revised the Virginia legal code, and wrote numerous books and the public education bill and statute of religious freedom. He was elected Governor of Virginia at 36, elected to Congress at 40, was the American Minister to France at 41, and became the first Secretary of State(Under Washington) at 46! At 53 he became Vice President and drafted the Kentucky Resolutions at 55, followed by becoming the 3rd President of the US at 57. As President he obtained the Louisiana Purchase(age 60) thus doubling the size of the nation; the following year he was re-elected President.

Finally, he retired to his estate, Monticello, at 65. He was not finished however, as he later helped President Monroe formulate the Monroe Doctrine, founded the University of Virginia(age 81) and was its first President….and invented a number of modern day items: the swivel chair, the pedometer, hideaway bed, and even mac ‘n cheese..and was an accomplished architect and gardener! At 83, he died on July 4th exactly 50 years to the day of the signing of the Declaration of Independence! Moreover, he is credited with writing numerous books, political treatises, inventing many useful commodities, and supporting the development of basic educational and medical procedures.

President John F. Kennedy paid TJ the highest compliment when he asserted at a dinner of intellectuals and Nobel Prize winners in the White House, “This is the greatest assembly of intelligence to gather in the White House at one time, with the exception of when Thomas Jefferson dined alone!”

Was he a Baller? Maybe not, BUT, he could have been if he had wanted to be, and probably an All Star!! He NEVER quit, and he risked each and every day of his life! GAGPTH!

Patience is a Virtue

By: Connor Sand
Klouter Alumni

Its not very often that one average fan and a traditional farm animal can rule a professional franchise, its also not very often a team can go 108 years without a championship and still have one of the strongest fanbases in baseball. The Chicago Cubs have one of the weirdest and most unique histories in baseball, but as we near the All Star break it looks like they are the favorites to win the World Series.

A World Series win for the Cubbies would be huge in many different aspects, but the biggest thing it would do would end the streak, the curse, and the hatred for one man named Steve Bartman.

But with so many things going against them how have they managed to build a team of this caliber?

The answer to that is by putting together one of the most genius and successful rebuilding processes in recent baseball memory.

We all know the last time the Cubs won a World Series was 1908, the last time they appeared in a World Series was 1945. Before last season they hadn’t made it since 2008 and in that time frame they had been known as one of the biggest laughing stocks in baseball.

But the Cubs have one thing on their side that no one besides the Red Sox and Yankees could compare to, and that is history.

Like I mentioned earlier the Cubs have a weird history, but its a history and a story that intrigues people, people like the stories of the Curse of the Billy Goat, the endless world series drought, and Bartman. They also play in arguably the most famous and historic sporting venue in America.

All of this adds up to fan interest no matter how bad the team is, it also means that they are getting thousands and thousands of baseball fans of all teams in their stadium every year because going to a ballgame at Wrigley is at the top of every fans bucket list.

In 2011 the Cubs needed a new president of baseball operations, and if there is one man who can reverse a curse its Theo Epstein. Epstein took over in 2011 and knew right away there was no rush at all to win. Obviously it would be nice to put some winning seasons together but deep down he knew that he didn’t need to push anything at all, he was going to sit and wait on what he had quietly developing.

From 2011 to 2015 the Cubs continued to struggle but they were collecting top draft picks and prospects through trades while saving their money to add a big free agent when the time made sense. Its almost as if Epstein just sat in his office, watched other teams mess up and just wrote it down to not do that.

He didn’t need to sign a big free agent or even trade for a big name player because he knew people are going to come to Wrigley no matter what, its historic site and even if Chicago natives aren’t coming, it didn’t matter because people from all over were going to come.

This brings us to the offseason before 2015. Epstein knew it was time to pull the trigger. He signed Jon Lester for 6 years and 155 million. All the sudden people looked at the Cubs and realized that they have a lot of young talent and they just added an ace, they could be dangerous. They had Rizzo, Soler, and Castro to start the year but then brought up prospects Addison Russell, Javier Baez, Kyle Schwarber, Kris Bryant, traded for Dexter Fowler and then Jake Arrieta emerged as the best pitcher in baseball. They made a good run but fell to the Mets in the NLCS but people were well aware that the Cubs were not to mess with.

This past offseason Epstein knew they had the best young position players in baseball but needed some more help so he signed Jason Heyward to a monster 8-year deal, and also brought in veterans Ben Zobrist and John Lackey who have had possibly the best seasons of their career. So far this year they have also brought up top prospects Wilson Contreras and Albert Almora Jr. and now they are possibly the most complete team in baseball.

Epstein knew what he had to work with and what he needed to do. He was in no rush to get their prospects up to Chicago so he let them develop and instead of wasting money on free agents when they would have no help he waited until he knew he could put together a mastermind of a team.

This could be the year the Cubs finally win a World Series but if its not, it could be very soon, They are in it for the long run.


THOUGHT of the DAY:  “The harder you work, the harder it is to quit!”

     Play Ball! It is time to get down and dirty, and get into the game!! Many of us have wasted valuable time, but can now get “on task” and ready for the coming season. It is VERY important to throw almost every day, at least 10-15 minutes, even if only against the wall. ARM STRENGTH is the most important single aspect of the game this early in the season.  Each and EVERY player MUST be working on stretching (see drill of the month) and throwing as it takes work and repetitions to build adequate ARM STRENGTH to avoid injuries, sore arms, and possible damage to your body!  THROW now and OFTEN!  KWTP!!

March is also the best time to set goals and prepare yourself mentally for the coming season and your long term future in the game. The above stated “Emerge Victorious” does not relate to winning games, but winning for yourself. We need to set individual and team goals, both short and long term. At various times during the season we must look at these goals and adapt and adjust according to our success or failure to execute. It is very important to have a Plan A, Plan B, Plan C, etc in case things go awry. It is not a bad thing to not reach a goal(s), but it is important to be realistic and set these with successes that you can achieve. Sit down NOW and write out your goals for your Little League or other team, then for Klouter ball, and then for an overall baseball season. List the goal and when you feel you will accomplish it!

     Reminders:  The first tourney is Memorial weekend. We need to know if you will NOT be there…please email us asap as to your availability. Also, the first camp is in Everett…pls do get the word to others as we can always use more campers…especially new players and those who LOVE the game. GAGPTH!
If you know any 8U or 10U players who may fit the Klouter criteria, please do email their names and contacts so we can talk to them. We need about 3 more 8Us and 1-2 10Us.  PUP!

-Coach Phil


1. being the winner of a contest or struggle
2. evincing moral harmony or a sense of fulfillment

“The price of victory is high, but so are the rewards.”                             -Vince Lombardi

Important Reminders

  • March 20th: Pitching Camp. Information & Sign Up below.
  • Early Warnings:  First Tourney is Memorial weekend and first camp is the first week in June after school is out. We do need 8 and 10Us for the teams…do scour for Klouter type families and players.Thanks!
  • Never too late to donate!  Donate throughAmazon Smiles or Baseball Connect.
Support Baseball Connect 2016!

Pitching Camp March 20th

9:00 am – Noon
All 8 and 9U Klouter pitchers MUST be at this Camp. We must insure that you are throwing with proper mechanics and that you understand the important mechanics of pitching.

The entire camp is throwing and pitching…we will not tax your arm, but give you very important instruction as to how to pitch and what drills to focus upon in your daily and weekly work!!
Sign up NOW!!

  • All Klouters who bring a NEW camper do not have to pay.
  • All Vietnam “Baseball Connect” players are expected to be there as you will be helping at each work station
Registration Form

Baseball Connect Update

“Baseball Connect” Update:  The 2016 Team is working very hard to finish off the fundraising for this year’s trip. We can still use YOUR help…please help us send donors to and help us find people who will help us reach our GOAL! We are about $5,000.00 short and can use everybody’s support getting these last dollars…Thanks!!  FAW!!

Our Virtuall Race has over 100 entrants and has been a delight! Thanks to all who are “running” and thanks especially to AMY PARKER for her efforts…she has not only organized the race but made it fun with cool gifts, awards, and various side “fun”!


  • We are in need of any bat bags or similar heavy bags (old golf travel bags are the best) to carry bats that were are donating to kids/teams in Hanoi. If you have one or more, pls email Coach Phil.
  • Also, we need used helmets that are in stellar shape and of all sizes, andwhiffle balls of all sizes. Please do let us know and someone will pick them up.
  • Lastly, we can use school supplies, books (youth), books (baseball),legos, transformers, small balls of any sort, and small toys.

PLEASE do help us in any capacity as it takes a team.

“FirstSwing and Baseball Connect are teaching the game of baseball one pitch at a time”…please do pitch in!!  Thanks!



Team Paredes (12U):
For their superlative fund raising efforts for “Baseball Connect”
Finn Turner (10):
For his 3rd place finish at State in the free throw contest!
Noah (11U) and Luke (8U) Parker:
For “hopping” a ¼ mile on Sunday in the virtual race..they did not quit!
Tyler Innes (Intern):
For his winning the Cub Scout cake making contest!  Yummy!
Amie Parker (coordinator):
For the management of the virtual race…stellar!!  Heroic!  Thanks!
 Sid Johnson (Intern):
For his academic growth and hard work..we are proud!!
Connor Sand (alum):
For his stalwart pitching at Whitworth!!
Stella Pratt (alum):
For her OUTstanding season of gymnastics at Bellevue High!

Coach Phil’s Picks of the Month

DRILL of the MONTH:  Using the Stretch Tubing.  By now you should have a 30-36” piece of tubing (can get at medical store of Lowes,etc) and should be stretching EACH and EVERY day.  This will help build arm strength and increase bat speed as a result of diligent work. Click on cartoon for drill instructions.

FACTOID of the MONTH:  If you must borrow money, borrow from a pessimist as they do not expect to get the money back!  It’s a fact!

QUOTE of the MONTH:  “A well adjusted person is someone who can play baseball or golf as if they were games!”

BASEBALL TALK of the MONTH:  “Handcuffed”-a play where a batted ball it hit so hard that it is difficult to field and makes the defender look like he is wearing handcuffs!”

BOOK of the MONTH:  The Clown Prince of Baseball, Max Patkin and Stan Hochman. The 50+ years of baseball “clowning” by the ultimate baseball clown..very fun to read!

MOVIE of the MONTH:  ESPN 30: Story of Chelsea Baker a 13 year old girl and her baseball success playing with boys!! Very cool!!

RULE of the MONTH:  Throwing the bat. The youth rule is determined by the umpire. Usually the ump will give a player a second chance before calling him/her out. Work hard on just “laying the bat down” after you hit it! GAGPTH!

PROFILE of the MONTH:  Curt Flood – See Below

Curtis Charles Flood

A Man of Principle!

Curt Flood was a MLB ball player for fifteen years, mostly with the St. Louis Cardinals. His real mark in the game occurred off the field rather than on it. He was a very talented outfielder but his real contribution to baseball was the stand he took when he was traded in 1969. The Cardinals traded Curt that year but he refused to accept it as he felt it was unfair to be arbitrarily “sold” to another team. He sued MLB and eventually the case reached the US Supreme Court. Although Flood lost the appeal, he helped pave the way to rid baseball of the reserve clause. His stand, at great personal loss, led to player solidarity to fight the reserve clause and the creation of free agency! This action eventually established that the reserve clause was in fact a form of slavery and players were without any recourse.
In the1970 case, Flood v Kuhn, Curt requested free agency. Albeit, his loss basically ended his career, but it led to MLB agreeing to the 10/5 rule (aka the Curt Flood Rule). A player with 10 years of MLB service and with the last 5 years with the same team, could now veto a trade! His long term legacy, after his death in 1997, was the passing of a federal antitrust law protecting MLB players and the Curt Flood Act of 1998 was passed as well. After his court loss, Curt left baseball and died without seeing his real contribution to baseball…. free agency!
Career Highlights

.293 career BA; 1861 hits; 636 RBI; Led the NL in hits with 211 (1964); Hit over .300 seven times.

3 time All Star; 7 Golden Gloves; 2 time World Champion;  Led the league in Fielding % 3 times.

Curt’s Quotes

1. “I am a human being not a piece of property. I am not a consignment of goods!”

2. “Baseball was socially relevant, and so was my rebellion against it!”

3. “People try to make a Greek tragedy of my life and they cannot do it…I am too happy!”

4. “The baseball establishment is permissive about revelry!”
Curt was inducted into the St. Louis Cardinal Hall of Fame and awarded the Jackie Robinson Award in 1994. His book, The Way It Is, was a best seller and pivotal in publicizing the plight of professional baseball players. He was also a character in Philip Roth’s book, Our Gang.
“Baseball didn’t change Curt Flood, Curt Flood changed baseball!”

“The harder you work, the harder it is to quit!”

Please do continue using Amazonsmile: Click Here or through our website and pass it on to others..WNM!!

February Newsletter

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Klouter Newsletter: February 2016
“Do not dwell on errors & mistakes. . .learn and forget, or else the mistakes & errors become the goal!”
Time is evaporating each day! Today is THE day to begin getting to the basics and mechanics of the game. Preparation is one of the very most important keys to success(and repetition); you should be throwing 3-5 times per week for 5-10 minutes. This will get your arm ready and it will help build the arm strength need to avoid injury and to prepare you for the long season ahead.

“I will not blame you for not achieving what you do not attempt!”

BUT, I will take issue that you did not attempt!! Get to it NOW!! Each morning you should be doing pushups, sit ups, jumping rope, drinking water, eating a solid(5-color) meal, and sprinting to school to do your best. Then, each day find a moment to do some technique work!!! Start NOW. . .find the time. . .it is available. Commit and Compete!!! GAGPTH! KWTP!

noun, something accomplished, especially through superior effort.

It means: anything in life worth having is worth the hard work.

Important Reminders

  • FINAL Klouter Fees are Due by March 5th. Bring your fees to the preseason workout on 2/28 or mail check to: PO Box 497, Medina, WA 98039 for the remainder due. The fee is $500.00 per player.


  • Next camp is Sunday February 28th from 9-12 at Kellogg Middle School.
  • Early Warnings:  First Tourney is Memorial weekend and first camp is the first week in June after school is out. We do need 8Us and 10Us for the teams…do scour for Klouter type families and players. Thanks!
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Pre-Season Workout February 28th

9:00 am – Noon

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Jeff Beard/Team Beard/Beard Construction(11U):
Helped the team with three(3) Character Cards.
Team Wilkos(9/11U):
A huge match form Nordis and the other donors!!
Carla and the Team:
Great Fan Fest..not just fun but financially worthwhile..Nice job EVERY one!
Team Johnson(9U):
Thanks for getting the cool games that made our Fan Fest Booth unique and successful!
Finn Turner(10U):
He made the regional Free Throw contest Finals…remember, BEEF!!
Luke Owens(12U):
For another great wrestling season!
Connor Sand(Alum):
Got his first collegiate win in a tourney in So Cal..way to pitch Connor!
Kai Herzer(Alum):
Raised his SAT and ACT scores!!!
Team Paredes(12U):
Great fund raising!!

Coach Phil’s Picks of the Month

  • DRILL of the MONTH:  Time for Knobbies! It is time to start the season off the right way. Hitting is the toughest skill set and too many of you begin the season with live pitching…NO!!! Begin with a simple review of the “fundis” of the swing and then have someone toss you softies/whiffles/etal and do the knobbies drill. This will get your hands INSIDE the ball. Knob to ball!! Start now and stay away from pitching machines of any sort!!!  Click on the photo for more details on the drill.
  • FACTOID of the MONTH:  In 1968, Dodger GM Al Campanis traded his son to the Athletics for two minor leaguers…cold!
  • QUOTE of the MONTH:  “To be a great champion, you must believe you are the best. If you are not, pretend you are.”  Mohammed ALI
  • BASEBALL TALK of the MONTH:  “Turn Two(2)!” This means to make a double play; get two outs on one play!  Heard frequently in talk between 2B/SS with a man on first. Derek Jeter’s non-profit is named Turn 2!!
  • BOOK of the MONTH:  Out Casts United, Warren St. John. This true story is about the refugees that migrate to the US and to the Deep South and their love of futbol(soccer). It clearly depicts how a devoted coach and sports can make a difference in people’s lives!!  5 GLOVES
  • MOVIE of the MONTH:  “Race”(2016). This newly released film is about the great Jessie Owen and his accomplishments on the athletic field and in life. He won 4 gold medals when the Olympics were held in Nazi Germany!! Face, Hitler!!! A must see for all ages.
  • PROFILE of the MONTH:  Henry Aaron – Check out the profile below.
Henry Aaron
“The Hammer”       “Hammerin’ Hank”          “Bad Henry”


Grace Under Fire

Hank Aaron began his career in the Negro Leagues with the Indianapolis Clowns (Globetrotter’s baseball counterpart) and later succeeded in breaking the most cherished record in baseball: Babe Ruth’s career home run record of 714. He persevered despite death threats and other distractions to accomplish the feat with grace, dignity, and humility. In many ways, Aaron’s record setting, without any artificial aids, was an important step in furthering the civil rights movement. He finished his career with 755 home runs…an average of 32 home runs per season!
Hank began playing baseball with a stick and hitting bottle caps. He also once said that his strong hands were the result of picking cotton which he had to do most of his childhood years. After a short stint in the minors Hank joined the Boston Braves, later to become the Milwaukee then Atlanta Braves, and finished his 21-year career with Milwaukee Brewers. His excellence was exhibited an entire generation both with integrity and humility; he was consistently good and powerful!
Hammer’s Three Golden Rules of Success
1. Keep swinging! If you are in a slump or feeling bad, keep swinging!
2. At bat, you are alone…make a mistake, it is yours, get a hit, it is yours.
3. Failure is part of success.

“Hammerin’ Hank” never complained about the unfairness of his baseball beginnings, but he did work hard to improve each season. He began as a shortstop but moved to the outfield. Hank played in both Major Leagues and finished his career as a designated hitter. He realized that to complete your goals/mission, you must be amenable to change and he was until he retired. He later became an ambassador of the game and has left a great legacy as a solid role model and ball player.
Career Highlights

NL MVP (1957); 2 time Batting Champ; 4 time HR Champ; 25 All Star games;

.305 career batting average; 3771 career hits; 15 years with 30+ home runs;

755 Home Runs; 2297 RBIs (#1 all time); 6856 Total Bases (#1 all time); 1477 Extra Base Hits (#1 all time).
Hank was elected to the Hall of Fame (1982), received the Presidential Medal of Freedom (2002), and also received the President’s Citizen Medal. Both the Atlanta Braves and Milwaukee Brewers retired his number 44 and in 1999 Major League Baseball named the top offensive player of the year award, the Henry Aaron Award.
“I do not want people to forget Babe Ruth, I just want them to remember me!”

One of the great life lessons of baseball(sports) is the value of numbers. As a kid we love the stats(BA, Hrs, RBIs, baskets made, TDs scored, etal). When we get older, numbers also have significant value:  blood pressure, fat intake, credit card interest, mortgage payments, PSA, and other. Stay the course and “be the number”.
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