“Cold Weather” Hands

March 11, 2013

“Cold Weather” Hands

1. Warm Ups: Take EXTRA time and do more reps. Get the heart pumping and RUN!!! Sprints, lines, etc.

2. Wear a jacket, under armor, long ragland shirt. Bundle up when not on the field playing. Cover arm when on offense. ALWAYs have a jacket!!!!

3. Use rosin: Increases “feel” for cold and wet fingers.

4. If pitching, ask the ump if you may wet your fingers to get extra
friction. If he says no, then step off the mound and do it on the grass.

5. Pitching: Work on the hitter’s inside part of the plate as contact will send shivers up his hands and arms…he is cold also.

6. Run 5-10 40-yard dashes after the game to “sweat down”.

Some VERY important things to remember:

Do NOT throw snowballs or whiffle balls(or any light weight balls) with your throwing arm. This is a good way to injure your arm and end your baseball/softball playing days. These items are too light and without proper training will “throw-out” your arm.!!!! Throwing a snow ball with all your might WILL hurt your arm!!!!