February 2021 Newsletter

February 11, 2021


“Live LIFE like a 3-1 count!!”

The smell of the grass and ball hitting bat is upon us…we will get the kids back in
the game!!!! The year hiatus has made us even more eager to get back on the
diamond and into the great game of baseball. Hopefully, most of the players are
working on their physical conditioning and fundamentals. It is imperative that
ALL players work on building arm strength and their weaknesses. We need to be
ready to go full tilt by Memorial Day!!
For the past 25+ years the FirstSwing Foundation and Klouter baseball have
worked tirelessly in February to raise the monies needed to keep our unique
programs intact and honor our obligations to schools, other organizations and
needy youngsters/families! This year it is crucial that we all step up to the plate
and pitch in. The past year has been a fiscal disaster…we lost all our income
producing activities and much corporate matching support. We did manage to
fulfill our obligations, but we are now in need of your support and help in raising
monies for 2021.
Attached you will find a document that is basically a sponsored sale of sports
items, man cave items and, some unique collectibles from the past. The Tiger
Woods and Ichiro collages were custom framed by professionals and are beautiful
pieces. All items/prices are listed as suggested..if you wish to purchase more than
one items there are some discounts available. Please email Coach Phil at
phrog38@hotmail.com for more information and if you have any questions.
Please do look at the items and forward to friends, collectors, etal. Also, the
FirstSwing store on EBAY has many interesting sports memorabilia as well as
other offerings. All monies from these sales will greatly aid us in our mission to
get back on our feet and continue our programs, tourneys, and other activities.

FAW and KWTP!!

At this point FirstSwing will host seven or so tournaments/jamborees. The state
has moved our fields into Phase 2 and has affirmed that we may have baseball
activities. At this point we will have Jamborees and change to tourneys as soon as
we are allowed to advance to Phase 3. The Jamborees will be very competitive but

with certain stipulations to differ these from our usual tournaments. More specific
information will be sent as soon as we ascertain which Phase will be in for the
dates we have already specified. The first one will be Memorial Day weekend
with our 9 and 11U Klouter teams. Please do email us if you will not be available
for any of the dates.
If you have an 8U player that wishes to be on a team for the summer, please do
email me as we are in the process of creating an 8U team with Tyson Avery. This
ball club will begin working out this month so please email me ASA and I will
give you the information.
If anyone has any concerns, questions or comments please do email them to Coach
Phil. We very much hope you will work hard to help us with our fund raising and
would appreciate any leads as to businesses or corporations that may wish to
partner with FirstSwing or simply make a donation. THANKS!!!! WNM!!
HEROES of the MONTH: Emma Webber(intern) for her 4.0 GPA at the
University of Alabama and being named to the President’s List!! To ALL the
generous people who helped us with our vinyl sale!!! We still have a few LPs/45s
left but sold over 500 in the sale!!!!!!! Tom and Phu(Hanoi Klouters) for their
designing our first set of baseball cards in Vietnamese! These are unique and will
be available in March for any interested collectors.
BOOK of the MONTH: The Vanishing Half, Brit Bennett. EXCELLENT!!
MOVIE of the MONTH: ANY baseball flick..time to watch/re-watch The
Sandlot, For Love of the Game, or any other gam about the national pastime!
WORD of the MONTH: Humbabe!
February is the shortest month so this is the shortest newsletter..enjoy and
GAGPTH! Coach Phil
PLS read and review the Man Cave attachment and help us FAW!!!!!!!