February Newsletter

February 22, 2016
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Klouter Newsletter: February 2016
“Do not dwell on errors & mistakes. . .learn and forget, or else the mistakes & errors become the goal!”
Time is evaporating each day! Today is THE day to begin getting to the basics and mechanics of the game. Preparation is one of the very most important keys to success(and repetition); you should be throwing 3-5 times per week for 5-10 minutes. This will get your arm ready and it will help build the arm strength need to avoid injury and to prepare you for the long season ahead.

“I will not blame you for not achieving what you do not attempt!”

BUT, I will take issue that you did not attempt!! Get to it NOW!! Each morning you should be doing pushups, sit ups, jumping rope, drinking water, eating a solid(5-color) meal, and sprinting to school to do your best. Then, each day find a moment to do some technique work!!! Start NOW. . .find the time. . .it is available. Commit and Compete!!! GAGPTH! KWTP!

noun, something accomplished, especially through superior effort.

It means: anything in life worth having is worth the hard work.

Important Reminders

  • FINAL Klouter Fees are Due by March 5th. Bring your fees to the preseason workout on 2/28 or mail check to: PO Box 497, Medina, WA 98039 for the remainder due. The fee is $500.00 per player.


  • Next camp is Sunday February 28th from 9-12 at Kellogg Middle School.
  • Early Warnings:  First Tourney is Memorial weekend and first camp is the first week in June after school is out. We do need 8Us and 10Us for the teams…do scour for Klouter type families and players. Thanks!
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Pre-Season Workout February 28th

9:00 am – Noon

Camp Info
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Jeff Beard/Team Beard/Beard Construction(11U):
Helped the team with three(3) Character Cards.
Team Wilkos(9/11U):
A huge match form Nordis and the other donors!!
Carla and the Team:
Great Fan Fest..not just fun but financially worthwhile..Nice job EVERY one!
Team Johnson(9U):
Thanks for getting the cool games that made our Fan Fest Booth unique and successful!
Finn Turner(10U):
He made the regional Free Throw contest Finals…remember, BEEF!!
Luke Owens(12U):
For another great wrestling season!
Connor Sand(Alum):
Got his first collegiate win in a tourney in So Cal..way to pitch Connor!
Kai Herzer(Alum):
Raised his SAT and ACT scores!!!
Team Paredes(12U):
Great fund raising!!

Coach Phil’s Picks of the Month

  • DRILL of the MONTH:  Time for Knobbies! It is time to start the season off the right way. Hitting is the toughest skill set and too many of you begin the season with live pitching…NO!!! Begin with a simple review of the “fundis” of the swing and then have someone toss you softies/whiffles/etal and do the knobbies drill. This will get your hands INSIDE the ball. Knob to ball!! Start now and stay away from pitching machines of any sort!!!  Click on the photo for more details on the drill.
  • FACTOID of the MONTH:  In 1968, Dodger GM Al Campanis traded his son to the Athletics for two minor leaguers…cold!
  • QUOTE of the MONTH:  “To be a great champion, you must believe you are the best. If you are not, pretend you are.”  Mohammed ALI
  • BASEBALL TALK of the MONTH:  “Turn Two(2)!” This means to make a double play; get two outs on one play!  Heard frequently in talk between 2B/SS with a man on first. Derek Jeter’s non-profit is named Turn 2!!
  • BOOK of the MONTH:  Out Casts United, Warren St. John. This true story is about the refugees that migrate to the US and to the Deep South and their love of futbol(soccer). It clearly depicts how a devoted coach and sports can make a difference in people’s lives!!  5 GLOVES
  • MOVIE of the MONTH:  “Race”(2016). This newly released film is about the great Jessie Owen and his accomplishments on the athletic field and in life. He won 4 gold medals when the Olympics were held in Nazi Germany!! Face, Hitler!!! A must see for all ages.
  • PROFILE of the MONTH:  Henry Aaron – Check out the profile below.
Henry Aaron
“The Hammer”       “Hammerin’ Hank”          “Bad Henry”


Grace Under Fire

Hank Aaron began his career in the Negro Leagues with the Indianapolis Clowns (Globetrotter’s baseball counterpart) and later succeeded in breaking the most cherished record in baseball: Babe Ruth’s career home run record of 714. He persevered despite death threats and other distractions to accomplish the feat with grace, dignity, and humility. In many ways, Aaron’s record setting, without any artificial aids, was an important step in furthering the civil rights movement. He finished his career with 755 home runs…an average of 32 home runs per season!
Hank began playing baseball with a stick and hitting bottle caps. He also once said that his strong hands were the result of picking cotton which he had to do most of his childhood years. After a short stint in the minors Hank joined the Boston Braves, later to become the Milwaukee then Atlanta Braves, and finished his 21-year career with Milwaukee Brewers. His excellence was exhibited an entire generation both with integrity and humility; he was consistently good and powerful!
Hammer’s Three Golden Rules of Success
1. Keep swinging! If you are in a slump or feeling bad, keep swinging!
2. At bat, you are alone…make a mistake, it is yours, get a hit, it is yours.
3. Failure is part of success.

“Hammerin’ Hank” never complained about the unfairness of his baseball beginnings, but he did work hard to improve each season. He began as a shortstop but moved to the outfield. Hank played in both Major Leagues and finished his career as a designated hitter. He realized that to complete your goals/mission, you must be amenable to change and he was until he retired. He later became an ambassador of the game and has left a great legacy as a solid role model and ball player.
Career Highlights

NL MVP (1957); 2 time Batting Champ; 4 time HR Champ; 25 All Star games;

.305 career batting average; 3771 career hits; 15 years with 30+ home runs;

755 Home Runs; 2297 RBIs (#1 all time); 6856 Total Bases (#1 all time); 1477 Extra Base Hits (#1 all time).
Hank was elected to the Hall of Fame (1982), received the Presidential Medal of Freedom (2002), and also received the President’s Citizen Medal. Both the Atlanta Braves and Milwaukee Brewers retired his number 44 and in 1999 Major League Baseball named the top offensive player of the year award, the Henry Aaron Award.
“I do not want people to forget Babe Ruth, I just want them to remember me!”

One of the great life lessons of baseball(sports) is the value of numbers. As a kid we love the stats(BA, Hrs, RBIs, baskets made, TDs scored, etal). When we get older, numbers also have significant value:  blood pressure, fat intake, credit card interest, mortgage payments, PSA, and other. Stay the course and “be the number”.
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