FIELDING 101: Basics

March 8, 2013

To many, fielding(playing defense) is just the time you spend waiting to hit!  Hitting is the essence of baseball but few teams win if the cannot field and play good defense.  It is VERY important to learn how to catch and field a ball for both team defensive purposes and player safety.
Fielding is essentially catching and throwing a ball.  A player will be a success once he/she masters the fundamentals of fielding a ball.  As with hitting and pitching/throwing, a player MUST develop and practice proper techniques and skill sets.  Repetition of proper mechanics will lead to fielding success which will create confidence and develop self esteem.  A player MUST be patient, work hard, and learn to “pick it” in order to be a good all around team player.
NOTE: Keep your EYES on the ball at ALL times on defense!

ATTITUDE: “I can and will make the play!  Hit it to ME!!”
READY POSITION: Athletic position, weight a bit forward and on the balls of the feet(PFP)
GLOVE EXTENDED: In front of body with relaxed arms; “Alligator”
“WALK TO THE BALL”: “Pitcher winds up, you walk” to the ball
FIELDING POSITION: Head and bottom down(do not bend over); glove out front
SOFT HANDS: Watch the ball into the glove(button to the ball)
STAY LOW: Ball up, into the glove and into the body
PREPARE TO THROW: Cross over, find 4 seams, and “gun it”
Stretch and warm up as an individual or team(10-15 minutes)
A.    Stretch major muscle groups, jog, sprint, hang, throw
Fielding Basics
B.    Ready position: Athletic position with balance
C.    Glove extended: “Alligator” with thumbs and pinkies
D.    “Walk to the ball” as the pitcher winds up
E.    Head and bottom down and charge the ball
F.    Watch the ball into the glove: TWO Hands(alligator)
G.    Stay low with soft hands and prepare to throw(4 seams)
H.    Bare hand: tennis balls with both hands/alligator
I.    “Woodie” or two hand glove: Take gounders/fly balls
J.    Grounders: At you, to the side, slow rollers, etc.; simulated and live
K.    Pop Ups: Right, left, center
L.    “Golden Glove” and layouts
PRACTICE YOUR “FUNDIES”!! Fundamentals!! Practice taking groundballs…on all surfaces and from all directions.  Practice against a wall, bounce back, or with another player.  Take MORE grounders!!!  You must want the ball and charge each and every one; get to the ball before the “bad hop”.  VISUALIZE!!  For further information call Coach Phil(866)405-2307 or email  Visit for training aids, camps, and more!

“Good field, no hit…and you can still play!”