Five Colors and the “Rainbow of Power”

August 7, 2020

One of our major goals is to have each and every youngster(and adult) eat five different colors at each meal.  Our mantra of “five colors” is based on the value of having good eating habits and incorporating all the necessary food groups to maintain a healthy and happy life.  It is very important to eat foods that provide for proper physical and mental development.  Also, hopefully, each of us will focus on healthy snacks and minimize or eliminate soda pop, candy, seeds, and gum.  It is very important to instill good eating habits at a young age so that growing up will be devoid of sickness and lack of energy!

Some of the colors and their value:

  1. REDS: Watermelon-important for hydration and will help sore muscles.  Cherry Juice: An anti-inflammatory/antioxidant and source of melatonin(helps sleeping).
  2. YELLOWS/ORANGES:  Sweet Potatoes/carrots: beta carotene and Vitamin C.  Pineapple: Hydration and has an enzyme that will help heal bruises/contusions.  Fruits:  Vitamin C and more!
  3. GREENS: Leafy greens and spinach: Have nitric acid and help with fatigue control and improve circulation.  High in iron.  Asparagus and avocados are excellent for muscle health.
  4. BLUES/PURPLE: Black Rice-best of all the foods!!  Grapes, blueberries, and cabbage are all antioxidants.  Egg plant and beets strengthen muscles.
  5. WHITES: Greek yogurt for general nourishment and protein and melatonin for sleep.  Garlic and onions stimulate the immune system.
  6. BLACKS/BROWNS: Quinoa, nuts, rice are all efficient and digestible.  Each is a nutrient powerhouse and source of protein/fiber.  Will help with sleep.

Obviously there are many other values of the various colors but the key is to have a “rainbow” at each and EVERY meal!!  Staying sugar-free and hydrating(60-80 ounces of water today) will keep you “on your toes” and ready to take on each new day!!  Try to eliminate processed foods, candy, soda pop, power drinks and minimize coffee and other stimulants!!