Goals & Code of Conduct

March 8, 2013


1. To create a family atmosphere and effective interdependent team.

2. To learn and develop team and individual baseball skills.

3. To develop and nurture productive and self-reliant athletes.

4. To foster good sportsmanship, effective work havits, positive self-esteem and responsibility/accountability for one’s actions both on and off the field. To learn to “adjust on the fly.”

5. To work hard and to judge success by growth not “hardware” [trophies]!

6. To promote respect and dignity for each and every individual, teammate or opponent.

7. TO HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Each Klouter player, as a Klouter, family member, citizen, and human being must realize the tenets listed below in order to be the “best YOU can be”!!

A Klouter must be a TOTAL team player at all times!

A Klouter must follow team rules, protocol, and procedures.

A Klouter must work, train, and prepare to the best of their ability in all aspects of life.

A Klouter must play “for the team” with discipline and focus!

A Klouter must not ever quit and be prepared to do their best at all times.

A Klouter must be a gentleman and role model on and off the field, and always do the “right thing”!

A Klouter must not be materialistic and practice humility.

A Klouter must be respectable and NOT be involved in rumors, boasting, berating teammates, nor belittling others.

A Klouter must put family first and before sports, games, and other extracurricular activities.

A Klouter must be a good, productive citizen at ALL times.

A Klouter must be responsible and accountable for all his/her actions.

A Klouter must commit to excellence and strive for team harmony, success, and unity of purpose.

A Klouter must make an effort to help those less fortunate and provide leadership in the community.

Many of these tenets are derived from the Samuri Code of Baseball which developed from the concept of Bushido, the Samuri Warrior Code.


  1. To provide the player with the opportunity to succeed by allowing him/her to be independent in choice, action, and demeanor.
  2. To empower the player to be a leader and self-controlling.
  3. To support the player in making good decisions in difficult situations.
  4. To teach punctuality, respectful behavior, honest effort, perseverance, and integrity of actions.
  5. To have passion for their work, be responsible and accountable, and to not accept failure.
  6. To set a good example as a role model and do the right thing. To live without excuses or regret!!
  7. To encourage the player to use the Klouter “Chain of Command” and to resolve problems and frustration immediately.
  8. To encourage a “love of the game’ without conditions.
  9. To simply enjoy being a Klouter, having fun, and watching your player grow up!