Helpful Hints From Klouter Play

June 10, 2021

Helpful Hints From Klouter Play
“In the Tournaments I learned…”

Everyone says that they want to play ball and be a team player, but many will not invest the time,
energy, and hard work to accomplish the tasks! As we stated from the beginning, there is NO
secret to success…it is a well known fact that it takes hard work, sacrifice, self-determination
and a passion to “get it done”! Below we have listed some of the important concepts that one
must know and realize in order to become a good ball player, teammate, and hopefully, a good
productive citizen. KWTP! WNM! KTS! REO! ITN!

  1. Have an EYE EXAM twice(two times) a year)!!
  2. Throw/pitch with a 4-seam grip with proper mechanics(over-the-top).
  3. Run through first base.
  4. Eat five(5) colors at each and EVERY meal and hydrate daily!
  5. NEVER QUIT!!!! NEVER!!!
  6. Perfect practice makes perfect.
  7. It takes 3500 repetitions to create a habit and 10,000 hours to master anything. Start
  8. Listen to the coach.
  9. Do not watch the ball when running the bases.
  10. When in doubt…S-L-I-D-E!!
  11. Home plate is in fair territory and if the ball hits the foul pole it is fair.
  12. BUNT a strike with the barrel UP!
  13. With two(2) strikes as a batter, make the correct adjustments and be short and quick to
    the ball.
  14. There is NO “tie goes to the runner”!
  15. GO to the BALL on defense..B, B, B, and B!! Throw and follow!
  16. On a fly ball, first step is BACK!
  17. Play hard and fair! The integrity of the game is most important. Play at least 3 sports.
  18. EYES on the ball at ALL times.
  19. You must tag up on a fly ball.
  20. Repetition=improvement=mastery!
  21. Balance EQUALS power.
  22. Live pitching is OVER-rated, use a batting tee and work on mechanics.
  23. Loving the game is more important than winning.
  24. Meeting new friends and teammates ROCKS!
  25. GAGPTH!
    AND….the DIAMONDS are in YOUR own backyard!!!! Get OVER the WALL!

We hope you will always play the game and remember the “life is not fair, and neither is
Please do read the JUST Baseball article(attached) and remember to empower not enable!!

Thanks and hope to see you again on the diamond!! GAGPTH!
Coach Phil

“Baseball may not change the world, BUT it can change a youngster’s life!”