Hitter’s Checklist

March 8, 2013

Hitting is a visual skill and you will have increased success if you visualize what you are about to do.  As you are warming up in the on-deck circle, assess the situation, visualize your desired result and head to the plate with a POSITVE attitude.  “I am going to get a hit!”

RELAX and take a few deep breaths as you settle in(dig in)!  This gets oxygen to the brain and muscles.
NEVER speak or exchange words with the catcher.  He does NOT exist!
Have a “soft” focus on the pitcher’s cap/logo, until the ball appears in the release window…switch!
Be prepared to hit EVERY pitch, even if the take sign is on.  Tract and follow the ball.  FOCUS only on the BALL!!  You have an “I can hit” attitude!
Your mind should say YES to every pitch and your eyes and body will tell you “NO”!
Treat EVERY first pitch like you have a 2-0 count.  Expect fastball down the middle.
Step out after every pitch, not with both feet.  Just pivot out with front foot.  Sign, deep breaths, and back to “soft” focus.
NO matter the count, expect fastball and adjust to off speed.  WEIGHT BACK!!
Two-strikes: Choke up, widen stance, short quick swing.
Bunt: Up in the box.  Hit-and-run:  Back in the box.
KNOW you are going to get a hit!  Believe it!

This is a checklist.  You can NOT go to the plate and think about these things.  They must become part of your hitting regimen. Practice these and develop you own routine and reminders.  Once the pitcher is set, you are on “GO” and must simply “see it and hit it”, with all FOCUS on the ball..