“Improved Visual Acuity = Better Hitting”

March 8, 2013

The first and foremost essential of being a good, consistent hitter is clear vision.  You must be able to “see it, to hit it!”  The drills listed below will increase visual acuity and focus.  Moreover, they will help a student concentrate and improve in ALL aspects of their life, not just baseball.  NOTE:  Have a formal, medical EYE EXAM prior to EACH season!!

THE BROCK STRING:  Focus on the V, the X, and the A.  Shift focus from spot to spot.   2-4 minutes.

ROTATIONS:  Use a marble, bouncy ball, and other for these drills.  Hold the pan or dish 15-18” from your eyes and rotate the ball/marble, keeping your head still, while following the sphere with your eyes.  Reverse the ball and repeat the exercise.              2-3 minutes.

FIXATION DRILL:  Use a pencil and put it through the different sized rings.  Cover an eye and step forward with the opposite foot to put the pencil through the ring without touching it.  Do it with the other eye.  Do it with different sized rings.  Do each 2-3 times.

MARSDEN BALL:  This is a ball with numbers and letters written on it. Suspend the ball at eye level while seated.  Cover one eye and tap the ball lightly.  Call out the letter or number you see and touch it with your finger tip.  Each eye 2-3 minutes.

Place a newspaper on the wall, fifteen feet from you.  Hold a similar one about 15 inches from your eyes.  Focus on the headline on the wall and then back to the one 15” away.  Change back and forth concentrating on seeing each.

Hit balls off a tee with a patch on one eye.  Then switch to the other.  Then blind fold yourself and “trust” your swing.


Pickup Stix


“Blind Swing”:  Take three (3) swings with eyes open.
Take one with eyes shut.
Do 4 reps.
Trust your swing.  You should visualize the ball when your eyes are shut and make the     same solid contact.  Head still, hands inside, relax and HIT!