January 2016

January 23, 2016
Klouter Newsletter: January 2016
“It is what you learn after you know it all, that is the most important!”
I hope each and every one of you enjoyed the Hawks game on Sunday…I got a real “kick” out of it! Once again it gets down to how you finish a game not how you start. Also, if you do not quit and keep at it, you never know what will happen. The Hawks are resolute in their beliefs and even if they were a bit lucky at the end, they did get themselves into a position to win. In life it is the same way. You just NEVER know how it will turn out if you quit or give up. FAW and WNM!! Lastly, as with Klouter baseball, defense will win most games. Keep the other team from scoring and you will always have a chance…minimize the errors and make the play. Remember all we need is 18 outs, no more, no less!W3D!!!

Character Cards

IMPORTANT: We have designed and created a set of Character Cards in order to bolster our fund raising efforts. Attached is an explanation and the info for the Header card. We really NEED YOUR HELP in getting companies, organizations, individuals, and groups to sponsor a card or cards. Please read the information and email Coach Phil or Carla if you have any ideas or can help us sell these to raise the monies!! KWTP!! and Thanks for all you do!
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Our Klouter “Baseball Connect 2016” team will have an interactive booth at the Mariner Fan Fest on January 3031st at Safeco field. We hope all Klouters can get there and support our cause. We are in the process of raising $45,000.00 and every penny/dollar/etc helps. We can always use a few extra hands and if you have any sports memorabilia you can donate, we are in need of items for our auctions. Also, our gofundme.com site is up and running and we ask for help in obtaining donations for the trip and our work in Vietnam. This year’s team will again visit a number of schools, host exhibitions, and help HYBC increase its training and improve its fields. Most importantly, the 2016 team will be going out into the country to help repair some buildings and provide support for schools and other organizations. FirstSwing has been awarded the 20 year commemorative US Vietnam seal and is one of the few nonprofits with that status. We have come a long way and hope that EVERYONE will take part in helping others GET GOOD!!! Please help us raise the necessary monies so we can continue to be a for ce in helping kids and families!! Thanks

Don’t forget about your own company match opportunities.  Many employers will match your contributions dollar for dollar.  Ask your HR department for a matching contribution form!

Support Baseball Connect 2016!


Ben Hines(alum)
For making All State in football(Arch Bishop Murphy).
Griffin Edwards and Noah Parker (10U)
For their great “stump the coach” questions.
Laura Chopp(alum/HOF)
For her great academic status at Clemson and getting to the final game.
Ham‘n Eggs(the Pratts)
For another record breaking year of raising monies for FirstSwing!!
Logan Paredes(12U)
For earning the MVP Goalie trophy in a Canadian Hockey Tourney.
Daniel Mycroft(alum)
For his success in making the US Olympic soccer team at the training facility in AZ!!
Spankie SchmidtScott Spaulding(Coaches)
For a very successful Catcher’s Clinic!
Davis Franklin(alum/HOF)
For his assistance and coaching at the Holiday Camp.

Winter Workout Jan 24th

Our next important event is our Winter Workout on Sunday, January 24th. This camp will focus on all aspects of the game and the skill sets you must work on for tryouts and preseason training. Please try to get there and do tell others so we have a great turnout!! See attached….Thanks and GAGPTH! NOTE: If you need a uniform or other Klouter gear this will be the day to order all gear and new uniforms.

Camp Info
Registration Form
 Do the right thing when no one is watching!

Coach Phil’s Picks of the Month

  • DRILL of the MONTH: Click on cartoon for drill titled Finger Power. Use the exercises to master your fine motor skills. If you begin with these NOW, you will see great improvement in focus and the ability to improve your handeye and eyehand coordination.
  • QUOTE of the MONTH: “Listen Hard”: it is an excellent gift!
  • FACTOID of the MONTH: Less than .00008% of all Little Leaguers will play in the BIG LEAGUES!! However, almost 100% will be husbands/wives and have children…you do the math!
  • BASEBALL TALK of the MONTH: The Linda Ronstadt Pitch: “Blue(aka BLEW) Bayou”. A fast ball heater that the batter cannot hit because it just “blew by you”!
  • BOOK of the MONTH: The Twelfth Angel, Og Mandino. This will put the game in proper perspective for all parents, players, and fans! 10 GLOVES
  • MOVIE of the MONTH: “Harvard Beats Yale 29-29”(2008). This is a documentary about the most famous game in Ivy League history. The game was played in 1968 and is about more than football. Both teams were undefeated and Yale had a 16 point lead with less than 3 minutes remaining. A MUST see if you Believe!!!
  • PROFILE of the MONTH: Pee Wee Reese-click on Profile
  • RIDDLE of the MONTH: I am the beginning of the end and the end of time and space. I am essential in the creation and I surround every place. Who am I? Answer next month.
“Let’s face it, YOU are the only one who can waste YOUR time”!!
YOU can fix procrastination and not doing first things first!!
Please do continue using Amazonsmile: Click Here or through our website and pass it on to others..WNM!!