January 2021 Newsletter

January 6, 2021

“STOP wishing for it and start WORKING for it!!”

Nuf Sed! 2020 is behind us and it is time to think about a great and fruitful 2021!!
As we have said for many years, you cannot do anything about the past, but you
can determine your own future!! We must focus on the positive and plan on
having a very productive year. It is imperative that we do not get hung up on what
others are doing but do what we need to do to accomplish our goals and objectives.
This provides a great opportunity for each and every Klouter in getting ahead of
the curve and outworking all the others. Our baseball season is still iffy but we
must prepare as if it will occur. Each player must create a viable workout program
with lots of running and throwing. It is time to do it…by yourself and with
urgency to get back into the game. As soon as it is safe, we will have some work
sessions and “Extra Innings” in order to formalize your progress and provide more
intense incentives. It is up to YOU to do the pre-season work…work on strength,
endurance, and your fundamentals. Time to get back in the game!!
“If you think practice is boring, try sitting on the bench!”

At this time, we have 9 and 11U teams with a full slate of tourneys. The 11U team
still needs a pitcher/catcher and the 9U team can use about 2 more players. If you
have any prospects, please email Coach Phil or Kim so we can meet with them.
I have attached the 2021 Tourney Schedule as it was just approved by the City of
Everett. Please take a look at it and let us know if you foresee any issues with
playing. Obviously, we do not know when all the protocols will be adjusted so
this is a first blush notice!!!
“Don’t practice getting until you get it right, practice until you don’t get it wrong!”
Each month we list the Heroes of the Month as we wish to recognize various feats
and accomplishments by our players, families, and friends/interns/coaches. This
month we wish to highlight some of our HEROES of 2020:

  1. Tracy Owen: Coach Emeritus and father of two great Klouters. Tracy is a
    local police officer who was shot in the line of duty in 2020. He has been an
    outstanding officer who has been in the line of fire his entire career. He is
    doing well and we wish him the best and thank him for his service!!!
  2. Irene Akiyama: Klouter parent and Chef Communicator for
    Klouter/FirstSwing. Besides being a diligent and important part of our
    organizations, Irene is a volunteer nurse who has been on the frontline of the
    COVID pandemic since its inception. We laud her efforts and commitment
    to helping others!!
  3. Dr. Megan Reitz: The mother of Atticus Stanfield and outstanding doctor.
    Megan is a cardiologist who is on the front line each day caring for those
    with serious maladies and heart problems.
  4. Tyler Innes: Former Klouter and intern who is completing his Eagle Scout
    badge and was one of the leaders of a team of Boy Scouts/volunteers that
    made over 10,000 masks at the very beginning of the pandemic.
  5. TEAM Klouter: A big HIGH 5 to all the families and former
    players/coaches/friends who stepped up to the plate and helped us with our
    current fund raising to replenish the monies we lost last year. Many of you
    are to be commended for your generosity and commitment to helping those
    less fortunate and in dire need. This is an ongoing effort by both FirstSwing
    and Klouter teams to work hard in empowering youth and families!!
  6. 2020-21 College Graduates: Kai Herzer(Amherst), Ben Treutler(Johns
    Hopkins), Henry Pratt(University of Washington), Matt Lico(University of
    Michigan), Connor Sand(Masters Degree).
    Remember that a swarm of mosquitos can sound like the ROAR of


BOOK of the MONTH: Interesting Stories for Curious for People, Bill O’Neill.
This compendium of short vignettes includes the Mendoza Line, Honest Abe,
Exploding Trees, and other fascinating facts/legends/stories.
TV SHOW of the MONTH: “Sheldon”. A great look back on the times that were
and a little kid too smart for his own good…but, also insightful in many ways!
SCORE of the MONTH: 29-0 by which Pulaski Academy(AR) football team
was leading before their opponent ran its first play!! Pulaski won the toss, scored,
then had three(3) successful on-side kicks, scoring on each drive!!! WOW!

BEST SIX WORDS of ADVICE of the MONTH: Your phone does not love

QUOTE of the MONTH: Under promise an overdeliver!!!
OVERKILL of the MONTH: Kawamoto high school in Japan scored 66(yes,
sixty-six) runs in the first inning and 1/3 against their opponent, who then forfeited
the game! DUH!!
FACTOID of the MONTH: Soccer great and legend Pele’s real name is Edson
Arantes do Nascimento.
CHEAT-NOTE of the MONTH: Do Not BLAME!! You are responsible for
your actions!!!
Enjoy a great start to 2021 and let’s all get back to life s it should be…GAGPTH!
Coach Phil