July 2020 Newsletter

August 3, 2020

As we are in a time of uncertainty, we must muster up the KLOUTER spirit and be optimistic.  Too many people are giving in to the ennui and fact that this virus will not go away.  It will not do so, until EVERYONE gets on the same page.  Someone emailed me that they really want to get back to baseball…SO DO I and all the Klouter players and families.  However, we must be prudent and not rush to judgment!!  Some teams are traveling to Idaho and elsewhere and are learning that it is not safe and certainly not good role modeling for the youngsters!  Whether in Phase 1 to 4, it is time to stay home and be safe…and work on what you need to do to become a better, stronger citizen/player!!
PLEASE do read the Newsletter as it will get you up to speed.  I have been working with the governmental agencies and we might have a shot at the Heroes tourney if people abide by the protocols!!
Be safe and let’s also see who can create the BEST cinquain..See HOMEWORK of the MONTH!  have some very cool prizes!!
Stay safe and strong!!  GAGPTH!


“It ain’t over til it’s over..BUT, I wish it would be!”

Wow…and the beat goes on…and on…and on!!!  Hope all are well and finding things to do that are safe and sound!!  It is a very good time to get ahead of the crowd and work on school work(yes, it is summer, but learning has no bounds!), physical conditioning, and helping around the house!!  Winners take advantage of times like this as losers just mope about and waste time!  Time is our greatest ally but also can be an enemy if we do not understand its true value….once it is gone, it is gone!!  Act Now!  KWTP!!

The status of our Heroes Tourney is in limbo.  As people keep “thinking of themselves” and not the greater good, the virus will continue to linger.  The death count is almost minimal, but the cases of positive tests are rising due to people not following the mandates/protocol set by the Governor.  At this time, there is a 2 week freeze that means the opening of the fields could not be earlier than July 15th…..keep your fingers crossed.  We are in total compliance and have met with the city and are ready to go.  The only thing we need is the GO sign!!  The fields are pristine and very easy to control the crowds and provide safety for players and coaches.  Hopefully, we will be allowed to play the Heroes Tourney.

If we do have to cancel the first tourney, then we are also ready for “3 Earls I” which is July 24-26th.  We have a full field and again, are only awaiting the GO sign.  If you are not available for that tourney, please do contact your coach NOW!!  Thanks!!  That tourney will field our 8, 10 and 12U teams.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We need a few volunteers to help us with maintaining the field control.  We have new gates at the park and will need 4-6 people to help with monitoring that people will not go beyond these.  It is a simple task and you can still watch the games from the gate positions.  Please contact Coach Phil as we need people for all the tourneys.  WNM!!  Thanks 

At this point, we will still be having our camp in August, the week of the 17th-21st.  We will send out more information at a later date but all is in place to have a modified camp with the emphasis on fundamentals and FUN!!  We need to get out in the air and run, play, and live it up!!!!!!!!!!!!

HEROES of the MONTH: Nolan Bickerdike(12U) for his volunteer work with the food bank. Henry Pratt(alum) who just graduated from the UW and is headed to the “real” world!  Gabe Feliciano(Coach/Intern) upon his acceptance at UW! Team McKnight(12U) for the hard work in amassing gear for Baseball Connect.

Garret Bickerdike(12U) for providing the shipping of our items to Vietnam!!!

Connor McKnight(10U):  For his new venture(C’s Grand Slam) in baked goods…very YUMMY!! Devan Austin(Alum):  For his acceptance to the UW!!

Team Hines(alum):  For their very generous donation to the Baseball Connect shipping! 

MOVIE of the MONTH:  Time to revisit “Braveheart” and see how a real hero acts under duress and stays the course of his beliefs!!

BOOK of the MONTH:  The American Story, Mark Rubenstein.  A thorough portrayal of our greatest Americans and their influence on the growing of America.

STAT of the MONTH:  On July 2, 1010, the Chicago White Sox stole 12 bases, including three of home!! Yes, they won, 15-3!!

DRILL of the MONTH:  Time to take “stubbie” out and work on hand/bat speed.  Use a tee and work on “knob-to-ball” technique with keeping the hands inside the ball.  Also, work on vision drills so you will be ready to go!!!

FICTIONAL BASEBALL CHARACTER of the MONTH: “Mr. Bag”(aka Charlie Brown) who loved baseball so much it left etched seams on his head!!

QUOTE of the MONTH: “Get up and go!” DOH!  Homer Simpson

HOMEWORK of the MONTH:  Create a Cinquain about baseball. A cinquain is a five(5) line stanza depicting a particular subject..let’s see who is the most creative!!

GAGPTH and keep the faith…we shall be back in the game soon!


Coach Phil