June 2020 Newsletter: “A bad attitude is worse than a bad swing!”

June 8, 2020

Please read!!! Last week the Governor moved Snohomish into Phase 2 so we may be on course to open in mid-July. The Newsletter below must be read and parents, please respond to the coaches’ when they email you as to your availability!

It is imperative that you read the next few paragraphs as it is time to make some very tough decisions regarding the coming summer season..if we are fortunate enough to have one! Many youth coaches and parents have given into to their anxieties and desire to play as soon as they can. Many local teams are heading to Oregon and Idaho to “escape” the virus because they hope that being in Phase 4 will be safe and sound. This rush to judgment hurts all of us, as parents and coaches are suppose to be role models and do “the right thing”! EVERYONE wants to get out of the house and stir crazy is the rule not the exception. That being said we CANNOT let our emotions dictate actions that may have long term repercussions! Going to other states before we are in Phase 3 is irresponsible and again, as parents and coaches we MUST be patient and follow
the mandates where we live. People will be at all these tourneys from all over and staying in hotels and sponsoring homes is not the safe and prudent solution.
FirstSwing and Klouter baseball is the learning environment for not just baseball but for empowering youngsters to grow up and become solid and responsible/accountable citizens. We will not RUSH to play because the kids are restless or the parents really want baseball. I have been in the game since 1947 and there are very few that love the game more than I do…I have
never “aged-out” of the game. I will NOT give into my emotions and take a chance will all those people that I love, care for, and respect for a few moments of gratification. As a parent and coach I must do what will teach the youngsters that this is not a fun time and it is serious enough to take the heat and control the learning environment.
Nick and I have been working on a plan to begin the tournaments in conjunction with the City of Everett and stay within the state mandates. At this time, we are aiming for July 16-20 at Phil Johnson with all three teams playing. I am not going to outline the entire plan but suffice it to say it is based on science, health requirements, and a very prudent set of procedures to protect
EVERYONE. It will not be “business as usual”…we are limiting teams and it will be an environment limited to playing the game and staying out of harm’s way! Moreover, the Klouters three teams will play in 3 of the four other tourneys already scheduled. July 24-26, the August tourney and Labor Day. Playing after the first tourney will be decided after we assess the first tourney!

Your coaches will be e-mailing you to determine to see if we have enough players to play in these. If you commit, you must be able to be there. We need to know accurate numbers or this will not work. Also, players should be throwing and running, and keeping in shape. We will try

to schedule a workout or two and maybe a scrimmage…we can always have Klouter workouts to

shake off the dust!

The Klouter credo will be tested in this time of uncertainty. Let us try to be the parents and

coaches that will teach the principles/tenets/mores that will empower the youngsters to learn to

make the good decisions and solve problems without undue emotion and giving in to “me-ism”

and the NOW mentality so rampant in our country!!

HEROES of the MONTH: Griffin McKnight(12U) for his selection to the National Junior

Honor Society. Matthias Bolton(Alum) for getting his driver’s license!! Yen Ha(Intern-

Vietnam Klouter) for finishing her PHD thesis and getting ready for the orals!! Connor

McKnight(10U) for his very insightful first published poem, “Planting Seeds”; Miss

Genie(Coach wife) for her over 230 hours of sewing to help the Boys Scouts make their quota

of making masks. Irene Akiyama(Alum parent/coordinator) for her hard work not just as our

coordinator but also for her dedication to her hospital work during these very uncertain times!!

Emma Webber(Intern) for acceptance to U of Alabama!

BOOK of the MONTH: Wax Pack, Brad Balukjian. The story of a ex-baller who opens a pack

of old Topps baseball cards and then goes and finds out what they did after baseball..fun and


MOVIE of the MONTH: History Channel “Grant”…story of the American general turned


ARTICLE of the MONTH: “The Ability to Persist”-Johan Hultin. The story of the Spanish

Flu of 1918..very interesting and in concise terms tells the story of the last great pandemic. Well

worth reading!! It is in the current issue of Sports Illustrated, June 2020

It is so important in these turbulent times to “stay in your” lane and keep your calm. Every

generation has its challenges and it is a good time to listen, keep your opinions to yourself, and

keep strongly committed to your convictions and aspirations!!

The looting and unrest are from people who will not work hard and earn what they deserve…it is

the easy out and with no respect to others lives or properties!

Each Klouter player MUST start working hard TODAY!! See attached.

Hope to see you soon on the diamond..GAGPTH! KWTP!!

Coach Phil