JUST Baseball!!

October 16, 2013

Since the inception of youth baseball programs the quintessential conundrum has been “roles”. Many parents believe that it is their right and “job” to do everything in order for their child to win. The true value of youth baseball/softball is to have a controlled learning environment in order to empower the players to have FUN and learn many of “life’s little lessons”. We JUST can not seem to let the kids enjoy the game, play hard, and let them be kids! It JUST seems that parents can not remember that the game is structured for child development, not the accumulation of trophies, All-Star berths, and the deification of their child!

Many years ago a very wise individual created and defined the “Four Roles” of youth baseball/softball. This little bon mot clearly delineates that every person(EVERY) involved in youth baseball/softball games has JUST ONE role when attending a game, and each person must decide what that role is and JUST fulfill its obligations.

The Four Roles are: 1. Player 2. Coach 3. Umpire 4. Fan(aka parent) When attending a youth game, each person must make a conscious decision as to what their role is and maintain JUST that role through out the entire game. Life is full of choices and you MUST make one and JUST one!!

JUST Baseball will make it easy for you to make your “choice “, which really is Hobson’s Choice.

  1. PLAYER: If you are a player JUST play the game and have FUN!
  2. COACH: If you are a coach JUST coach and leave the umpiring to the ump.
  3. UMPIRE: If you are the umpire JUST know the rules and umpire the game.
  4. FAN/PARENT: If you are a fan/parent/etc. JUST watch the game and be positive for all the players!

Common sense and a true sense of “reality” will dictate other than JUST your role. Keep it simple, let the “kid be kids”, and empower them to learn the lessons of baseball which in turn will teach them to be good, productive citizens. JUST Do It! JUST GAGPTH!!!