June 10, 2021

“Make them rue the day they underestimated YOU!”

GREAT Heroes of Everett tourney by both the 11 and 9U teams…proud to be a KLOUTER!!  In fact, the 10U team that we “created” and coached my David Simms(Klouter parent/coach) won 3 of their 4 games and tied for second in wins!!  The 11U team did not allow an earned run in taking their crown!!  Good job by all.

THANKS to all who “pitched” in to help us host another very successful tourney.  So many “stepped up to the plate” to help with uniforms, the FirstSwing booth, logistical supplies, and to root for the kids, win or lose.  It was great getting back on the diamond and watching the Klouters play ball with fervor and purpose.  KWTP!


The next activity for ALL Klouters is our Baseball/Softball Camp at Medina School, June 23-25 and 28 and 29th.  It is split as we start on Wednesday and finish on the following Tuesday(NO camp on the weekend).  Players and friends can come all five days, the first three or just the last two days. See attached.  We realize this is unique, but time constraints dictated, and we want to have as many Klouters there before the next tourney.  Camp is for kids of ALL ages(6-13) and for ALL abilities.  PLEASE forward the camp info to all your friends, teammates and any youngster who just wants to play ball!!  If you bring a new camper or refer one that wants to register, you will receive a very cool gift at camp!!!!

SIGN UP NOW and bring the neighbors and school chums!!!

The next tourney for the 9U and 11U team is July 17 and 18th, Saturday and Sunday, at Phil Johnson.  PLEASE email your coach if you will not be able to attend.  The format will be basically the same and we will know more about covid protocols later this month.  The 11U team will play 50/70’ and have leads.  11s will have a short workout to review the essentials of the 50/70 configuration and insert a few plays to help us take advantage of our baseball knowledge.  Date TBA

We are in need of teams for ALL tourneys, especially 8 and 9U for all our remaining tourneys.        

PLEASE refer our info to other teams, coaches, and  families/programs..THANKS!!

In preparation for the next tourneys, we are seeking to find old/new autographed baseballs and vintage baseball cards for our booth and “Extra Innings”.  Please help us find sports items and cards that we may use for our grab bags and booth sales. Jen Thompson really saved the day by donating the plexiglass we used to cover our more expensive cards!!  Moreover, we would appreciate any help in making the booth better and with people volunteering to work it.  The booth will be open from 10:30am to 3:00 pm on both days…THANKS for “pitching” in!!  WNM!

 SOS: If anyone has a source for the purchase of current sports cards, please    do email Coach Phil    FAW!!!!

Klouter Spotlight of the MONTH:

As most of you already know, the Klouter program was founded on the principle that baseball is a great game, but the real value is in the “life lessons” that the youngsters learn while playing and enjoying it.  FirstSwing is especially focused on providing a safe, educational and competitive environment in which ALL kids can thrive, have FUN, and just play ball.  With all this in mind, we wish to salute former Klouters and their successes in pursuing their DREAM and future!

     Laura Chopp:  Clemson graduate and currently an engineer.  Matthew Lico:  University of Michigan graduate and CPA  Ben Truetler: Johns Hopkins graduate and medical gradual student with 3 medical patents pending.  Henry Pratt:  University of Washington graduate and CPA.  Andy Boes: Notre Dame graduate and attorney(Harvard Law)  Jojo Landal:  University of Texas graduate and aerospace engineer. Jake Luton:  Oregon State and current NFL quarterback.

We are very proud of ALL of our Klouters and could list many, many more. The above are just a few of the very successful Klouters and are an inspiration to all younger Klouters.  Follow YOUR dream, play ball, but study harder than you play with the intent to do your best at everything you do!!  FYD!!!

“There is NO try, only DO!!”

HEROES of the MONTH: Jake Berg(alum)-named Skyline High School athlete of the year and headed to USC. Emma Webber(alum/intern) for another 4.0 at the University of Alabama and headed to nursing school. Jennifer Johnson(Klouter parent/volunteer):  She is completing a very lofty goal of walking 2021 miles in 2021..you go girl!  Davis Franklin(alum)-just accepted a Puget Sound and will play baseball. Kemper Michael(alum/intern)- headed to WSU and for his help in the booth!  Connor Hickey(Klouter on the IL)-despite a very serious knee injury, Connor was a stalwart at the last tourney…helping out his teammates, coaches in any way he could!!  Jackson Webber(Alum)-for being named to the ALL GSAC Academic Baseball Team. David Simms(parent/coach)-for coaching the TBA 10U team and helping make the last tourney such a great success!!

Travis Johnson, Aidan Atkins, Will Kunz, Tyler Innes, Braden Innes, Grace Bolton, Griffin McKnight, the Levy brothers, Jen Thompson, Misako Bolton, Jennifer McKnight, Nick Paredes, and Gerrit Nelson for their hard work in the booth, as umpires, and/or their active support of our mission and ideals!! THANKS!!!

BOOK of the MONTH: Killing the Mob, Bill O’Reilly.  Another fascinating study of an American phenomena.  Bill “kills” it again!

MOVIE/FILM/TV of the MONTH: 30-30 ESPN-“The Throw Back” and “The Student Athlete”.  These two shorts are well worth the time as they provide motivation and inspiration to youngsters who just want to play as well as have a successful career out of sports!!

WORD of the MONTH:  Homage-special respect or to honor publicly.

MUST SEE THIS MONTH:  Banana Baseball in the South..the emergence of “banana ball”.  Do visit the Savannah Banana’s website or google/bing banana ball.  You are in for a treat..love the rules for “banana ball”(except the bunting remark!)..you can even steal first!!  At camp we are going to institute some of the unique and fun ideas!!  PLAY ball…GAGPTH!

Enjoy the “summer” if it gets here.

PLEASE read the attachments…..Coach Phil