March 13, 2016

THOUGHT of the DAY:  “The harder you work, the harder it is to quit!”

     Play Ball! It is time to get down and dirty, and get into the game!! Many of us have wasted valuable time, but can now get “on task” and ready for the coming season. It is VERY important to throw almost every day, at least 10-15 minutes, even if only against the wall. ARM STRENGTH is the most important single aspect of the game this early in the season.  Each and EVERY player MUST be working on stretching (see drill of the month) and throwing as it takes work and repetitions to build adequate ARM STRENGTH to avoid injuries, sore arms, and possible damage to your body!  THROW now and OFTEN!  KWTP!!

March is also the best time to set goals and prepare yourself mentally for the coming season and your long term future in the game. The above stated “Emerge Victorious” does not relate to winning games, but winning for yourself. We need to set individual and team goals, both short and long term. At various times during the season we must look at these goals and adapt and adjust according to our success or failure to execute. It is very important to have a Plan A, Plan B, Plan C, etc in case things go awry. It is not a bad thing to not reach a goal(s), but it is important to be realistic and set these with successes that you can achieve. Sit down NOW and write out your goals for your Little League or other team, then for Klouter ball, and then for an overall baseball season. List the goal and when you feel you will accomplish it!

     Reminders:  The first tourney is Memorial weekend. We need to know if you will NOT be there…please email us asap as to your availability. Also, the first camp is in Everett…pls do get the word to others as we can always use more campers…especially new players and those who LOVE the game. GAGPTH!
If you know any 8U or 10U players who may fit the Klouter criteria, please do email their names and contacts so we can talk to them. We need about 3 more 8Us and 1-2 10Us.  PUP!

-Coach Phil


1. being the winner of a contest or struggle
2. evincing moral harmony or a sense of fulfillment

“The price of victory is high, but so are the rewards.”                             -Vince Lombardi

Important Reminders

  • March 20th: Pitching Camp. Information & Sign Up below.
  • Early Warnings:  First Tourney is Memorial weekend and first camp is the first week in June after school is out. We do need 8 and 10Us for the teams…do scour for Klouter type families and players.Thanks!
  • Never too late to donate!  Donate throughAmazon Smiles or Baseball Connect.
Support Baseball Connect 2016!

Pitching Camp March 20th

9:00 am – Noon
All 8 and 9U Klouter pitchers MUST be at this Camp. We must insure that you are throwing with proper mechanics and that you understand the important mechanics of pitching.

The entire camp is throwing and pitching…we will not tax your arm, but give you very important instruction as to how to pitch and what drills to focus upon in your daily and weekly work!!
Sign up NOW!!

  • All Klouters who bring a NEW camper do not have to pay.
  • All Vietnam “Baseball Connect” players are expected to be there as you will be helping at each work station
Registration Form

Baseball Connect Update

“Baseball Connect” Update:  The 2016 Team is working very hard to finish off the fundraising for this year’s trip. We can still use YOUR help…please help us send donors to gofundme.com and help us find people who will help us reach our GOAL! We are about $5,000.00 short and can use everybody’s support getting these last dollars…Thanks!!  FAW!!

Our Virtuall Race has over 100 entrants and has been a delight! Thanks to all who are “running” and thanks especially to AMY PARKER for her efforts…she has not only organized the race but made it fun with cool gifts, awards, and various side “fun”!


  • We are in need of any bat bags or similar heavy bags (old golf travel bags are the best) to carry bats that were are donating to kids/teams in Hanoi. If you have one or more, pls email Coach Phil.
  • Also, we need used helmets that are in stellar shape and of all sizes, andwhiffle balls of all sizes. Please do let us know and someone will pick them up.
  • Lastly, we can use school supplies, books (youth), books (baseball),legos, transformers, small balls of any sort, and small toys.

PLEASE do help us in any capacity as it takes a team.

“FirstSwing and Baseball Connect are teaching the game of baseball one pitch at a time”…please do pitch in!!  Thanks!



Team Paredes (12U):
For their superlative fund raising efforts for “Baseball Connect”
Finn Turner (10):
For his 3rd place finish at State in the free throw contest!
Noah (11U) and Luke (8U) Parker:
For “hopping” a ¼ mile on Sunday in the virtual race..they did not quit!
Tyler Innes (Intern):
For his winning the Cub Scout cake making contest!  Yummy!
Amie Parker (coordinator):
For the management of the virtual race…stellar!!  Heroic!  Thanks!
 Sid Johnson (Intern):
For his academic growth and hard work..we are proud!!
Connor Sand (alum):
For his stalwart pitching at Whitworth!!
Stella Pratt (alum):
For her OUTstanding season of gymnastics at Bellevue High!

Coach Phil’s Picks of the Month

DRILL of the MONTH:  Using the Stretch Tubing.  By now you should have a 30-36” piece of tubing (can get at medical store of Lowes,etc) and should be stretching EACH and EVERY day.  This will help build arm strength and increase bat speed as a result of diligent work. Click on cartoon for drill instructions.

FACTOID of the MONTH:  If you must borrow money, borrow from a pessimist as they do not expect to get the money back!  It’s a fact!

QUOTE of the MONTH:  “A well adjusted person is someone who can play baseball or golf as if they were games!”

BASEBALL TALK of the MONTH:  “Handcuffed”-a play where a batted ball it hit so hard that it is difficult to field and makes the defender look like he is wearing handcuffs!”

BOOK of the MONTH:  The Clown Prince of Baseball, Max Patkin and Stan Hochman. The 50+ years of baseball “clowning” by the ultimate baseball clown..very fun to read!

MOVIE of the MONTH:  ESPN 30: Story of Chelsea Baker a 13 year old girl and her baseball success playing with boys!! Very cool!!

RULE of the MONTH:  Throwing the bat. The youth rule is determined by the umpire. Usually the ump will give a player a second chance before calling him/her out. Work hard on just “laying the bat down” after you hit it! GAGPTH!

PROFILE of the MONTH:  Curt Flood – See Below

Curtis Charles Flood

A Man of Principle!

Curt Flood was a MLB ball player for fifteen years, mostly with the St. Louis Cardinals. His real mark in the game occurred off the field rather than on it. He was a very talented outfielder but his real contribution to baseball was the stand he took when he was traded in 1969. The Cardinals traded Curt that year but he refused to accept it as he felt it was unfair to be arbitrarily “sold” to another team. He sued MLB and eventually the case reached the US Supreme Court. Although Flood lost the appeal, he helped pave the way to rid baseball of the reserve clause. His stand, at great personal loss, led to player solidarity to fight the reserve clause and the creation of free agency! This action eventually established that the reserve clause was in fact a form of slavery and players were without any recourse.
In the1970 case, Flood v Kuhn, Curt requested free agency. Albeit, his loss basically ended his career, but it led to MLB agreeing to the 10/5 rule (aka the Curt Flood Rule). A player with 10 years of MLB service and with the last 5 years with the same team, could now veto a trade! His long term legacy, after his death in 1997, was the passing of a federal antitrust law protecting MLB players and the Curt Flood Act of 1998 was passed as well. After his court loss, Curt left baseball and died without seeing his real contribution to baseball…. free agency!
Career Highlights

.293 career BA; 1861 hits; 636 RBI; Led the NL in hits with 211 (1964); Hit over .300 seven times.

3 time All Star; 7 Golden Gloves; 2 time World Champion;  Led the league in Fielding % 3 times.

Curt’s Quotes

1. “I am a human being not a piece of property. I am not a consignment of goods!”

2. “Baseball was socially relevant, and so was my rebellion against it!”

3. “People try to make a Greek tragedy of my life and they cannot do it…I am too happy!”

4. “The baseball establishment is permissive about revelry!”
Curt was inducted into the St. Louis Cardinal Hall of Fame and awarded the Jackie Robinson Award in 1994. His book, The Way It Is, was a best seller and pivotal in publicizing the plight of professional baseball players. He was also a character in Philip Roth’s book, Our Gang.
“Baseball didn’t change Curt Flood, Curt Flood changed baseball!”

“The harder you work, the harder it is to quit!”

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