Klouter Newsletter: October, 2013

October 15, 2013

“Forget your mistakes (errors), BUT remember what they taught you!”

Traditionally in October we sit down and evaluate our past season and begin to assemble teams for the coming season. The first thing everyone must do is have an EYE EXAM. It is imperative that ALL Klouters and youngsters have two (2) eye exams per year. As you see in each Baseball Intelligence missive, we ask you do remember to have these most important exams. If a youngster has any vision problems and is not corrected to normal, they will have problems playing baseball and with their school work. PLEASE get on it NOW and have that EYE EXAM!!! KWTP!!

Our parent meetings are scheduled for Wednesday, October 16 (9U), and Thursday, October 17th (10-11-12U) at 6:30pm at Spiro’s Pizza Parlor on the Mukilteo Speedway. Please attend and bring unbridled enthusiasm!! We will review last year and provide information for the coming 2014 season. If you know a potential 8U player, please pass his name on with an email so we may invite his parents. Thanks! PLEASE BRING THE SIGNED COMMITMENT LETTER WITH YOU TO THE MEETING! This is new for 2014.

If you are not planning to return please e-mail either Carla or Coach Phil so we may fill that spot for the team. We will most likely have two 9U teams again as this worked very well the last 3 tourneys. It gives more players an opportunity to play and compete. The other 3 teams will have 14 players with 3-4 coaches as in the past. The basic cost will be the same, $450.00, and is payable in two installments. All other details will be discussed as well as added activities for 2014.

Dates and Things to Remember:
1. The team meetings, October 16 and 17th at Spiro’s
2. The annual November Hitting, Throwing/Pitching camp at Kellogg Middle School, November 16-17th. See attached. This is the BEST off-season workout we offer as we will work on the fundamentals of hitting and throwing/pitching, and have a number of guest speakers/coaches to provide excellent instruction and insight for our coaches and players. PLEASE do share this information with schoolmates, other families, and coaches.
3. The first installment is $250.00 and due by November 1st. This will be discussed at the meetings.
4. Players: Each player should sit down and write out his goals for the 2014 season. He should also create a workable regimen for skill work and physical training. We do not advocate year round baseball but diet (5 colors), sleep patterns, and vision training should be a part of the weekly schedule of each player.
5. Study hard and play as many sports as you can comfortably fit into your schedule. Keeping an active body and mind will prepare you for school and the coming baseball season!!! OYO!!

**********************EYE EXAM NOW!*********************

We are having some basic workouts at Club Nine (on Mukilteo Speedway) on Mondays from 3:330 until 5:00 for interested players. We work on the mechanics of throwing, hitting, bunting, and fielding. If you are interested, please email Coach Phil for availability. You need not attend every session so you may choose to workout according to your schedule. The cost is a donation to FirstSwing of your choice.

I once was told that if I was the smartest person in a room, that I should find another room. This little adage has some truth in it as we all should try to compete against the best and learn from those who have more experience and expertise than we do. That being said it is important to read the attachments we tag on our monthly Newsletter. These are usually short and to the point, and will help empower you to GET GOOD and provide you with valuable information to improve your game and life. Please do read them..TY and GAGPTH!

Reminder: Baseball is played with your feet! Work with a jump rope EVERY day, run ladders, do toe lifts, work with your stretch cord, and run!! Find ways to improve your balance and strength…be creative: rollups are not fun but make them fun. Find a small medicine ball and work it! Buy a bag of rice and do drills each night with your hands in the rice!! Figure it out! Start now…begin the change(s) that will improve your balance, strength, and endurance, and you will see significant differences next spring on the diamond!

HEROES of the MONTH: Jake B. (11u) for his work at the Hospice and other rest homes. “Jugglin’ Jake” entertains the elderly with various fun moments to help them relax and enjoy!

Drill of the Month: After reading the attachment regarding “eye(s) on the ball”, use a tee and begin working on your swing a few minutes each week. On each ball that you use, put a thick dark line down the middle of the ball. When you place each ball on the tee, be sure to have that line horizontal facing you. The drill is to hit the ball with a short, quick swing on or ABOVE the line. Begin without a stride and then gradually add a stride as you begin to hit the ball consistently above the line.

Quote of the Month: “A player once hit a ball between my legs so hard that my center fielder caught it on the fly against the wall.” Dizzy Dean

Factoid of the Month: In 1922(June 27-July 23), Ray Grimes(Cubs) had at least one RBI in each game. 17 consecutive games (27 total for the time).

Book of the Month: David and Goliath, Malcolm Gladwell. Another fine work by the author of The Outliers. This covers the ability of underdogs beating the odds and winning. It is not a sports book but a study of cases where all seemed lost BUT, the predicted winner lost! 5 Gloves

Movie of the Month:The Butler”. This is an outstanding film covering the life of a butler in the white house. It chronicles his life in relation to the various President’s actions while he was there. It goes from Eisenhower to Obama and is an excellent historical perspective of the epoch.

Baseball Talk of the Month: “Ball Hawk” is a player who goes to the ball and finds a way to catch it! A player who is always around the ball or backing up.

NEVER: Never wait for the ball to get to you..it will NOT!! MGB!!!!

Rationalization of the Month: Seeds help me relax! No they do not..they dehydrate you and can harm your teeth!

If you want to play on a team, remember the following:

  1. Be Coachable..listen and focus on what is taught.
  2. Train: Condition, eat properly and get 8 hours sleep.
  3. Practice: Do the drills and the work.
  4. Be a GOOD Teammate!!! WNM!!