Klouter Newsletter: October, 2015

“It’s still not over..RIP YOGI”

Hopefully everyone has had a very good start with the school year and is playing some type of sport/activity. As we preach, each youngster should play three(3) different sports each school year. This will keep us physically fit, in a nice rhythm, teach us cross-over skill sets, and get most of us outside in the fresh air! Even if you are not on a team, it is a good time to do some “fun” running, play some sandlot ball, swim, or create a fun game to teach others. The key is to keep busy and to avoid being a “couch potato” or idler…ennui, moping, and being inactive adversely affects the brain and represses development…reading and writing are very good inside activities..START NOW!!!

In regards to baseball, it is a good idea to throw/play catch 3-5 times a week for 10-15 minutes; this will keep the arm loose and ready to go when we start serious baseball. Also, it is fun to watch the playoffs as well as reading cool baseball stories! Most importantly, we are having our biggest camp/clinic in November, and you should make EVERY effort to get to it. This camp is special in that we cover ALL the basic mechanics of hitting, throwing/pitching, and focus on those drills that every player should be doing in the off season. Please do help us forward the information to others at your school, with your friends, and anyone who would love to get in some hard work during the “hot stove league”. This camp is MANDATORY for all those planning on going to Vietnam.

Our annual Parent Meeting is this coming Tuesday, October 13th at Spiro’s Pizza Parlor on Mukilteo Speedway at 6:00 PM. We expect all Klouter parents(no players) to attend and to bring the first payment of $250.00. This year we will have all the teams at the same meeting. Those expecting to go to Vietnam MUST be there.


The new acronym for the 2016 season is TYT!!!! Let’s see who can get it first!!


Our “Baseball Connect” trip for 2016 will be in mid-April. At this time we are beginning our fundraising and would appreciate any help with finances or ideas. We have submitted a grant proposal to the State Department, but with the current lag at the congressional level, we cannot count on receiving one. Our goal is $50,000.00 to take 40 or so to Hanoi to continue our work of the past 10 years. We would appreciate any assistance introducing us to possible supporters, donating to gofundme.com, and helping us secure sponsors for our Character Card project(see attached). There are NO bad ideas and we would love to have everyone be involved in “Baseball Connect”!

IMPORTANT NOTE: We are looking for a creative Klouter(Parent, family, etal) to help us make our newsletter fun and exciting. The Johnson family did a fantastic job and we are looking for a replacement. Please email Coach Phil if you wish to help us out. It is once a month and the narrative is sent to you, and then you can design your own format. Also, I will send some photos etal but you too can add quotes, pictures, etc to “spice it up”. KWTP!!

Hall of Fame: Each Fall we induct worthy Klouters into our Hall of Fame(listed on website)
This year’s inductees are:
Jake Berg, Evan Graves, Davis Franklin, Dylan Owen, Brady Johnson,
Quin Iacolucci, and Team Budinick.
Coach Marty Johnson is added as a Coach Emeritus.

Congratulations to all and THANKS for all you have done!! GAGPTH! KWTP!

HEROES of the MONTH: Naomi Thompson for all her hard work and dedication to FirstSwing, Klouters, and kids!! Carla Berg for her many years of HARD WORK and love of the programs…without her, we would just be another team. THANKS!! The 2015 Coaching staff: Great job all summer…getting the players ready, coaching on the diamond, and helping fill the “holes” when we did not have everyone for games…you are much appreciated..Thanks!

DRILL of the MONTH: While sitting at a table/desk lift your right foot off the floor and make clockwise circles with it. Now, as you’re a doing the circles with your foot, draw the number “6” in the air with your right hand. Your foot will change direction and you cannot stop it…a drill for those who have too much time on their hands..PUP!(repeat from earlier NL)

QUOTE of the MONTH: ANY Yogi Berra quote or malapropism… One of the classics: ”I never said all the things that I said!”

FACTOID of the MONTH: In early September, Rafael Palmeiro(over 3000 hits in his MLB career) came out of retirement and played with the Sugar Land Skeeters and his 25 year-old son. He went 2 for 4 with an RBI…some guys can still hit!

FACTOID of the MONTH 2: The four M’s catchers, Zunino, Sucre, Hicks, and Baron hit a combined .394…Ted Williams hit .406 by himself in 1941!! Sad but true!

BASEBALL TALK of the MONTH: “Club House Lawyer”: A veteran player who helps “:solve” his young teammates problems with his sage wisdom and advice!

RULE of the MONTH: Eat FIVE(5) colors at every meal…the reminder? Eat the rainbow!!

BOOK of the MONTH: Take It! by Yogi Berra…or any of his books. His biography is well worth reading! It may just be over!

MOVIE of the MONTH: “The Intern” with Ann Hathaway and Robert DiNiro. A bit sappy BUT a must see for “old-schoolers” and those who understand the importance of the past. Enjoy!

Please do support our programs by buying items on Amazon through our firstswingbaseball.org site…every cent counts….THANKS for your support and GAGPTH!