“Study now, reap rewards later!”

Bad news: Season over! Good News: School starts! This is the time to START NOW and get a good jump on a great school year. Clean up your gear, put it in storage(dry and cool), and get out the real “tools”…your school books! Be a class leader, study hard, read EVERYthing you can, and be anxious and ready to learn. School is the answer to the toughest question: What will give you the BEST start on your future life? Yep, S-C-H-O-O-L!! And of course, FIVE colors, 8 hours of sleep, hydrate, stay in YOUR lane, and KWTP!!

The “Last Licks” tourney was a success in that we got through the weather and our teams did reasonably well. See attached Recap. Albeit, many of us grew this summer and increased our mental and physical game, almost to a man we need to still work on the basic mechanics and how the game is actually played. The mental game, and knowing what to do is the MOST important of phase of the game. This takes time but also hard work in developing focus and having a plan on every play and at bat. The physical issues that all must work on, even those moving on to 13U are: 1. Adjusting the swing and mindset with 2 strikes: Shorten the swing and make the changes. 2. Going to the ball: Must Get Ball..start before the pitch and go FULL speed..do not stop at the ball but run through it! 3. Do not watch the ball while running the bases: DNWTBWRTB!! Peek but look to the coach and run hard and fast. 4. Pitch to contact: Review and work on the “T” and throw to the bat…walks killed us at every level in almost every game! 5. BUNT: Learn how to move the runner. It is the easiest of skill sets but needs practice. These are the things that ALL of us need to work on in the off-season.

Try something new today; you’ll never know what you can do until you try it!

The issue of PLAYING TIME rose its ugly head again in the last tourney. Please read the paragraph in the Last Licks Recap regarding the process and how to deal with the issue. Sometimes we forget that there are other people and perspectives to consider and it skews our emotional response to who plays and what the team is all about! Thanks.

The MOST IMPROVED PLAYERS of the 2015 are listed below. These players worked harder and improved at the greatest rate. Most attended camps and/or spent the time doing the drills necessary to improve their games. NICE WORK!

Tyler S Sam C, Ben T, Jake F, Cade H, Mathias B, Colton P, Chandler T, Dalton D, Luke M, David F, Jack D, Josh A, Sam S, Lucas D,

The next Klouter event will be the annual Parent Meeting. This will be in October, followed by our annual November Hitting and Pitching Clinic. Sometime soon, there will also be a meeting for those interested in going to Vietnam for our “Baseball Connect” trip in April. We will keep you posted.

Off season work: Try to keep in shape by playing other sports and working on your physical conditioning, diet and life style. If you are so motivated, do try to throw a few times each week for 10-15 minutes and chose a skill set to work on each month. Stay with the fundamentals and set reasonable goals! If you need help, do email Coach Phil and we can review your game and work out a plan. Remember it is most important to work on your deficiencies!!

HEROES of the MONTH: Tom B and Spankie S(coaches) for their great effort in creating two teams for the “Last Licks” tourney!! More kids got to play because of their hard work and determination. Sam S and Noah P(10U): For playing with other teams to help us make the tourney better! Seth S: For helping us create a clear and accurate Tourney Game Matrix!!!
Team Kunz: For the Klouter Booth Team Johnson: For their beautifully crafted Newsletters…they are gone but not forgotten(we do need someone to take over this..let us know if interested). ALL PARENTS who helped us with the Kitchen and Booth..we very much appreciate your time and hard work!!

Drill of the Month: Open school books and DO WORK! Do more than the teacher asks and study for YOU not grades or because the teacher assigns it!

QUOTE of the MONTH: “So I’m ugly..so what? I have never seen anyone hit with his face!” Yogi Berra

FACTOID of the MONTH: The year Roger Maris hit 61 home runs, he never had an intentional pass. Why? Because Mickey Mantle hit behind him!

BASEBALL TALK of the MONTH: “Labrador”….a player who goes after EVERY ball!!

RULE of the MONTH: ALWAYS tag up on third on a fly ball…the rule is ALWAYS!!
BOOK of the MONTH: Jacksonland, Steve Inskeep. The true story of the interaction between President Andrew Jackson and Chief John Ross, and the ensuing Trail of Tears. 5 Gloves

MOVIE of the MONTH: ESPN, 30 for 30, “The Immortal Man”. A very interesting look at the controversy of Ted Williams and the process of cryostasis.

See you soon and Please remember to use AmazonSmile


Coach Phil