MENTAL “Edges”

May 9, 2014

A very important part of the game is developing your mental approach to playing and preparing. The “mental game” is as important as the physical game and requires FOCUS and discipline!! Know the “inside game”…all the little things that will give you an “edge” and help you succeed in your development as a real player! Here are a few to think about!

1. On the mound you are “king of the Hill”, on defense YOU want the ball, as a hitter YOU can hit ANYBODY!!!
2. Focus on the game, each play and the ball…at ALL times!
3. Know the rules!!
4. Do NOT listen to the fans…stay in the game and concentrate on the situation and what you are going to do!
5. WATCH THE BALL…on offense and defense!!!
6. Listen HARD and be “heads up”!
7. Develop your vision: eye exercises and exams.
9. Get on, get over, get in…it is a TEAM game not about YOU!
10. Learn to “adjust on the fly”: change when what you are doing does not work and adapt to the umpire…he will not change!
11. Learn to do the “little things”: Bunt, shag, fungo, bare-hand a ball, etc.
12. STAY in the GAME…no matter what the score is…It ain’t over til it’s over!
13. GAGPTH!!!

Some Little Tips to Remember:

1. Learn to decoy a runner.
2. “Sell” a tag”
3. Do not pick up a ball, push it into the ground.
4. Bare hand a slow roller.
5. “Foul ball, go back”: as a 2b or SS always say that after a runner steals a base or as he is going by you!
6. Bunt: Only a strike(unless suicide) and UP in the box
7. Two strike hitting: choke up, shorten, and make contact!