Mental Toughness and How to Play the Game!!

May 9, 2014

Being a good and successful ball player means MORE than having talent and going through the motions. A REAL player develops strong discipline, focus and emotional constraint, and thinks of the team FIRST and foremost!! Learn to “Play the Game” and be an important part of the team!!!

1. Be ready to play and be at YOUR best every day. Be rested, eat properly, keep in condition, and “Be Prepared!”
2. Nothing nor anyone will get in the way or distract you from quality practice, conditioning, or pre-game regimen. Pay the price!!
3. Play HARD all the time! Run out EVERY ball, anticipate each and every play, back up on EVERY play, be alert and listen, and “give it ALL you’ve got!”
4. Let NO ONE intimidate or threaten you! Focus on your job and play YOUR game!
5. Keep your poise and emotional constraint at all times. Do not let someone “get into your head”. YOU dictate the game!!
6. Be a GREAT teammate. Encourage, support, and keep the team in the game.
7. COMPETE to WIN!!!

The key to playing the game is to have a “tough mind”. Do not allow others to tell you how to play or listen to anything they say. Winning is never an issue but a result of focus and execution. Do your best and do YOUR job. If each player does their best and their job, the team is a success. There will be highs and lows, but a good player does not worry about these; he rolls with the times and continues to do his job and aims for consistent and productive results.

“Talent is never enough. Hustle, play hard, compete! GAGPTH!”