November Newsletter

November 6, 2020


“When in doubt, OUTWORK the others!”

November is a great time to start getting ready for the 2021 season.  Obviously, we do not know if we will be playing BUT, it is essential that we assume that we will be back in the game!!  This is the time to work on your core and stamina.  Without the discipline in school many are taking it easy and this is the time to amp it up.  Create a viable and doable routine with strength drills, eye drills, and running/walking.  Do something each and every day to better yourself…get ahead of the curve and stick to it.  NO U TURNS!!!  See attached.  Also, remember to write down your goals and visualize their completion..Do it NOW!!

In a moment of reflection, please say a little prayer for Team Thompson.  Doug, father of Landon and Ben, passed last week. He was a key component of our Klouter teams when the boys played and was always the first to step up and help with all activities.  We will miss him but always remember his contributions!  RIP!

“To live in someone’s heart is not to die”

Each year the FirstSwing Foundation chooses exceptional players, coaches, and families for induction into our HOF.  It is located on our website.  Each of these individuals/families have contributed to our mission and success.  Thank you for ALL you have done!  KWTP!!!

The 2020 FirstSwing Hall of Fame Inductees are: Griffin McKnight, Julian Gonzales, Jake Grothkopp, Tyler Innes, Maysen Bury, Jayden Bury, Team Thompson-Grothkopp, Team Weigum.  Coach Emeritus:  Marc Weigum and Adam Bury  GAGPTH!

Klouter status for 2021 Update:  klouters baseball will field two(2) teams, a 9U and an 11U.  Each team will play in 5-6 tourneys.  If possible, the 11U team will also travel to different venues.  They have been invited to a national tourney, but it will all depend upon the control of the virus. FINGERS CROSSED!!  See attached schedule of anticipated dates.  Also, there will be a Camp at Medina School the week of June 26-July 2nd.  Again, this is dependent upon the virus!

IMPORTANT NOTE:  We are looking for 1-2 11U and 9U players…specifically pitcher-catcher types that fit the Klouter model!!!


WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!!  We have attached our October Auction sheet for your perusal and hopefully, for your forwarding to others who may wish to support the Foundation.  We are working hard to recoup monies lost last summer and to maintain our charities.  THANKS for you support and help.  KWTP!!!!

HEROES of the MONTH: Julian “Ace” Gonzalez(Alum) for his hole-in-one at Newcastle!! Jake Brandvold(alum) for his acceptance to Whitworth College and playing both football and baseball there. Jake Luton(alum) upon being named the starting quarterback for the Jacksonville Jags this Sunday!!! Zane Khatib(alum) Congrats upon your engagement and coming wedding! Ben Treutler(Vietnamese Klouter) for his success at Johns Hopkins University…soon to enroll at UCLA graduate school. 

MOVIE of the MONTH: “Greater”….a must see for all the family!!

BOOK Of the MONTH: Anxious People, Fredrik Backman.  From the author of Ove and other great stories.

COOLEST MLB PLAYER of the MONTH: Jon Lester(Washingtonian), currently a free agent, just treated anyone in Chicago who wished to have a beer!  It was his way of thinking the fans for their support.  His tag for the day:  Over $35,000.00 and the coolest thing is that he tipped 34%!!

SIX BEST DOCTORS of the MONTH: Sunlight, rest, diet, exercise, self-confidence, and friends.  From Steven Jobs famous speech.

WORD of the MONTH: Oeuvre-an artist, composer, or writer’s body of work.

QUOTE of the MONTH: “The most prepared are the most dedicated.”

FATHER to SON ADVICE of the MONTH: Teach him to stay between the lines, like on the highway!!

Stay well and mask up!!  GAGPTH! Coach Phil