Pitch, Hit, and Run Results 2014: Local

April 18, 2014

Pitch, Hit, and Run Results 2014: Local

Thank you for participating in the Local “Pitch, Hit, and Run” Competition at Phil Johnson Fields. We appreciate your strong efforts and congratulate the winners. If you are a winner of any skill set and any level, you are eligible for the Sectional Competition to be held sometime in May (see below). The Sectional Coordinator will call or email you regarding the time and place of the event.

11-12: All Around Winner Davis F. 1219 Points
Pitch: Jake B., Davis F., Braedan T.
Hit: Davis F.
Run: Devan A.

9-10: All Around Winner Spencer B. 944 Points
Pitch: Aidan D., Cooper Y., Spencer B., Seth B.,
Max R., Steven W., Taylor F.
Hit: Spencer B.
Run: Spencer B.

7-8: All Around Winner Keenan M. 633 Points
Pitch: Augie S., Keenan M.
Hit: Keenan M.
Run: Keenan M.

Special Division: 6U
All Around Winner Charley R.
Pitch: Charley R.
Hit: Levi S.
Run: Colby I.

Each winner and all individual champions (not special division) advance to the Sectionals and compete in all three events. Every individual starts with a clean slate!! Good Luck to all!! GAGPTH! Coach Phil

Each of the winners move on to the Sectionals. The Sectionals will be held on May 10th at 8:00am-10:am at North Creek #1 (City of Bothell), 19016 North Creek Parkway, Bothell. It is a turf field so it is rain or shine!! EVERYONE below gets a shot at the title and will compete in each part. GOOD LUCK!