Pitchers’ Suggested Pre-Game/Post-game Warm Up

August 5, 2014

A pitcher must be physically and mentally prepared to pitch in a game.  This will require a number of exercises, conditioning repetitions, and mental considerations to be performed prior to the actual game!  Below are listed suggested plans/recommendations for pre-game and post-game preparations.


  1. Stretch your entire body and arm BEFORE you throw a ball.  NEVER throw to warm up!!
    1. Arm exercises and tubular resistance reps with an elastic cord.
  2. Do mechanics work(9-12-6, etc) for first 5 minutes without a ball.
  3. Throw warm-up pitches at 50% from 40 feet using entire arm motion.
  4. Throw only 4-seam fastballs while warming up.
  5. Throw 10-15 pitches from behind the mound(10 feet) to a standing catcher.
  6. After the warm up pitches, throw 35-40 pitches from the mound with catcher in the squat.  50% in stretch and 50% in full wind up.
    1. Throw inside, outside, high and low in the zone, using all your pitches.
  7. End of the warm up: Last 10-15 pitches at 100% with pitches you will use in the 1st inning!!
  8. Mental Focus: Clear your mind and focus on the game.  Do not concern yourself with factors YOU can not control:  weather, field, umpire, fans, etc.
    1. Review signs with your catcher and basic pitch strategy.  Review with coach.
  9. HOME GAME:  Run 3-4 foul poles.  Walk one more!
    1. Begin warm up throwing 30 minutes before the game, so you finish 5-10  minutes prior.
    2. Go to dugout and put on jacket and sit and relax.  Review game plan and have a few sips of water.
  10. AWAY GAME:  Start warm up throwing 20 minutes before the game starts so you will be ready at the end of your team’s at bats.  Go to the dugout with 2 outs and sit and have a few sips of water.
  11. ALWAYS put on your jacket after your warm up…no matter the weather!!


  1. ALWAYS ice your arm after you pitch(unless playing another position).
    1. 20 minutes on shoulder and 10 minutes on elbow!!  Apply 30 minutes after pitching NO MATTER how many pitches you throw!!
  2. Put on your jacket after icing or if at home, put on a long sleeve jacket or shirt.
  3. ALWAYS run 6-8 poles after the game.  This will help circulate your blood and rid your body of lactic acid that builds up during the game.


  1. Extensive arm stretching and elastic resistance tube exercises.
  2. Throw 30-35 pitches on a mound to a catcher in a squat.
    1. Warm up playing catch.  Exaggerate mechanics and lob the ball.
    2. Throw at 100% and mix pitches.
    3. FOCUS on your general target, between the catcher’s shoulders and knees.  Last 8 pitches to a specific glove target.
  3. Run eight(8) foul poles.  Do 5 forty(40) yard dashes and light agility work(ladders, side jumps, etc.)


  1. NO THROWING!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Batting practice.
  3. Tube resistance drills and exercises.
  4. Run 5-6 40 yard dashes and light agility drills.
  5. Eat a good dinner…FIVE COLORS!!
  6. Get a very good night sleep:  8 hours and NO sleepovers!!

Being a pitcher is hard work…it is up to YOU to PREPARE: be in good shape, have a plan, and follow a good, sound pre-game, post-game, and between games routine!!   GAGPTH!