PITCHING 101: Basics

June 30, 2014

Pitching a baseball is not only a skill but also an art. It is the most important defensive skill, and pitching will win most games. Hitting is the essence of the game but pitching wins games.
In order to be a successful pitcher you MUST learn and practice the proper fundamentals of pitching. Many young players have a knack for getting the ball over the plate and just need to develop proper technique and arm strength. The key to good, solid pitching is CONTROL! Control is developed over time by learning the correct mechanics and hours of throwing/pitching. As with hitting, good pitching is the result of perfect practice. Remember: It takes patience, hard work, focus/concentration to learn how to pitch a baseball.

NOTE: Proper arm care is a MUST! Do not throw or pitch with a sore arm.

1. ATTITUDE: “King of the Hill”; I can throw strikes!
2. CONSISTENCY OF MOTION: Throw each pitch off the same arm motion
3. ADDRESS THE BATTER: Both feet on the rubber(mound) in the athletic position
4. GRIP: Use the 4—finger grip(fingers across the seams, thumb under the ball)
5. FOCUS ON THE CATCHER’s MITT: SEE and HIT the target
6. WIND-UP: Rock forward, small step straight back, and step in
7. LEG LIFT: Become a crane with front knee straight up
8. STRIDE: Stride to the target with eyes on target
9. DELIVERY: Extend the throwing arm with balance; stay long 9-12-6
10. FOLLOW THROUGH and FINISH: Pitching hand follows toward the ground and end in defensive position

1. Stretch and warm up as an individual or team(10-15 minutes)
Stretch major muscle groups, jog, sprint, short and long toss
2. Pitching Basics
Take the rubber and address the hitter in the athletic position
The “crane” and kick/stride
Delivery and Follow through to defensive player
3. Drills
Mirror: address, grip, motion
Target pitch(short and long)
Visual drills: See visual sheet
D. Throw bullpen and simulated batters(use live batter)

PRACTICE YOUR “FUNDIES”!! Fundamentals!! Focus on the catcher’s mitt/target. Do not over-practice…let your arm rest! The very essence of success in getting batters out is CONSISTENCY with LOCATION and changing speeds. RUN: Legs and the core body are the secret to success. VISUALIZE!!

“It is NOT how hard you throw BUT how accurate!”