October 12, 2015

“Oh Boy, Not Another Genius!!”

Many students spend a lot of time studying and have poor results, and many feel that they are a genius and do not need to study at all. FirstSwing has researched many study guides and has provided some suggestions for productive study. As in baseball and life, studying requires hard work, determination, and the will to NEVER quit!!!!! Memory is made to forget, not to remember. Hence it does take a concerted effort to learn(and remember), and one must learn the best way to study for oneself. Stress, fatigue, and lack of interest are factors BUT these are excuses not reasons for poor studying and failure in learning!

One does need to learn how to study, not just in school, but also in life situations, problem-solving, and decision-making. Reading and understanding will empower a productive life and make it easier to deal with all the problems that can arise. Read and STUDY the five easy steps outlined and you will improve your study habits, learning ability, grades, and quality of life.

Basic Study Habits: “The Road to Learning”

  1. SURVEY the material and information
    Take about 30 minutes or so and read all the headings and subheadings in the book, article, lesson, etc. Read any other information that is included in the assignment or the preface if it is a book. Browse the index, table of contents, and other parts. You have now learned something already!
  2. MOTIVATION: Be ready to learn and study
    Create a positive mindset so you are READY!! Once you are prepared to
    study, sit down, and go. Use the sample questions in a lesson to help as well as
    creating your own. Be curious and seek the answers.
  3. READING: Know what to read
    Carefully read the first and last paragraphs of every chapter and focus on
    the first sentence in every assigned reading. Always read the first and last
    sentence of every paragraph. Remember: Have a positive mindset before
    you begin reading. Read the entire assignment carefully! Look up words
    that you do not know and write down important words and concepts in the
    Concentrate on the subject matter…it takes will power, determination,
    and “guts” to study. DO IT! Study in short bursts and take mental breaks
    every 15-20 minutes. Review what you have learned and take notes to help
    retain the information. EAT the FROG and do not quit if it gets tough!!!
  4. RECALL leads to knowing and learning
    Recall is best accomplished by REPETITION. As in sports and life, one
    learns by practicing and repeating. This is MOST important in studying and learning. It does take time but is best done by creating your “system”. Physical
    exercise empowers the mind as it keeps it alert and builds endurance, so it is a good idea to keep in shape; it will improve recall and learning! A good general rule is to study one(1) hour for every hour of class. Later, it will rise to three(3) hours for every hour!! Create a good learning ATTITUDE and spend the time.
    Constantly review the material that you are studying. Keep it fresh in your mind so you have learned it and can remember what is important. Do NOT cram the information in at the last moment(night before), but rather enjoy the knowledge and let it “seep” into the recall process.


The last phase of learning is “taking a test”. It can be written, oral, or just
applying what you have studied. Test taking is a difficult task for most students
and it is best to have your own “system” or game plan. Basically. It is a time to
apply what you have learned as a result of studying. The FIRST thing to do
when test-taking is to RELAX! Close your eyes and visualize how you studied
and prepared. Spend a few minutes reading over the test in general, and then
READ the directions…”What is required of you? A good way to begin an
exam is to find the easy questions and answer them first. This will “free” your
mind, build confidence, and relax you for the others.

REMEMBER: There is NOTHING you can not do IF you want to do it!
Learn to study and create your own study habits that work best for YOU!!!