The PERFECT 30 Pitching drill

March 8, 2013

The Perfect 30 pitching drill is to increase focus and concentration on throwing/pitching with the proper mechanics.  The goal is to have 30 perfect throws in 5-pitch segments.  The player throws at a strike-zone target, 17” by 17”, with the object being to hit inside the zone.  He/she throws up to 5 balls in 6 groupings.

A player must hit in the target to be able to throw a second ball in that segment.  As soon as he/she misses the target, they move to the second segment, scoring the result for the segment.  Example:  Hit the first and miss the second throw—score for Segment One is 1 for 2 and on to the second segment.  The player then totals up all six segments and has their total.  The maximum is 30 for 30…or a Perfect Score!!  It takes practice and focus on the correct mechanics(4-seam, “T”, and accuracy).  It is suggested that you begin the player at a shortened distance to begin.  Most youth players should start at 25-30 feet before moving to the correct mound distance.

Segment One:

Segment Two:

Segment Three:

Segment Four:

Segment Five:

Segment Six:

TOTAL _________