THROWING 101: Basics

November 12, 2014

The most basic and important skill needed to play baseball is throwing the ball properly. If a player can throw, he/she can play almost any position, including pitcher! Baseball is a team game and requires accurate throwing in getting the ball from spot-to-spot. Each player MUST master throwing the ball properly in order to be a good team player AND to avoid arm injuries. Pitching is more advanced and specialized throwing with the same fundamental mechanics.

A player MUST practice throwing with the proper mechanics in order to be prepared to play. Repetition is the key in building arm strength and accuracy. It requires hard work, practice, and determination to throw properly.
NOTE: If a player’s arm is sore or aches, STOP throwing!! Rest for a few days and if it persists, see a doctor.

BASIC THROWING MECHANICS: “How to properly throw a ball”

  1. ATTITUDE: I can throw! Believe you can and visualize success!
  2. ATHLETIC POSITION: Balanced, feet outside hips, knees slightly bent
  3. PROPER GRIP: 4-seams(across the “C”), lightly!
  4. “T” FORMATION: Form a perfect “T” perpendicular to the target
  5. KNUCKLES UP: The ball in 4-seam grip with knuckles up
  6. 9-12-6: Rotate the arm/hips in a clockwise motion and stay LONG
  7. HIGH 5: At 12 reach high and keep the hand on top of the ball
  8. FOLLOW THROUGH: Pull down and pick up a $50 bill(defense)

DRILLS(5-15 minutes depending on skill level)

  1. Knee Drill: On one knee(throwing side) and do “T” drill(9-12-6)
  2. “T” Drill: Play catch 12-15’ apart. Emphasize motion and stay LONG!
  3. 30-35’ Catch: Play catch exaggerating proper mechanics. Focus on hip turn, staying LONG, and follow through.
  4. Long Toss: Play catch from extended lengths(depends on age/skill) in order to “stretch out” the arm to build arm strength.
  5. “Goose Flip”: The elbow of the throwing hand “sits” in the glove hand with arm straight up. Bend wrist with ball in 4-seam grip and “flip” it to teammate or wall without moving arm. (30-40 reps)

PRACTICE YOUR “FUNDIES”!! Fundamentals! Throw EVERY day during the season and create a daily, weekly, and monthly routine for both the season and off-season.