June 3, 2014

“Hitters MUST turn it up a notch!”

Hitting with two strikes is one of the biggest adjustments a good hitter has to make. The pitcher feels the edge and will force the issue. This situation is a matter of discipline and focus!!! ALL great hitters do make these adjustments in order to get the ball into play and to minimize striking out and popping up. It is very important that you make contact and have the other team handle the ball…when that happens, good things occur!!! With two strikes, you can not “give into the pitcher”; you MUST make him work so you will GAGPTH!


1. Choke up on the bat!!!!! This will give you more control!!
2. Get closer to the plate and shrink the strike zone. Crouch a bit.
3. Widen your stance and shorten your stride. Take away the outside pitch.
4. “Shorten” your swing. You need a short, quick swing!
5. Stay off the high heat…most pitchers will try to go “up the ladder” and have you chase a bad pitch! Look fast ball and adjust.
6. Must swing only at a strike…DISCIPLINE!
7. Try to hit the ball where it is pitched…if it is outside, do not try to pull it, etc
8. Expand the strike zone at least one ball on each side of the plate in order to avoid letting the umpire decide your fate. Close? Swing! Foul off any “close pitches”.
9. FOCUS on the ball! Turn up the mental discipline!!

And 10. PUT THE BALL IN PLAY…preferably on the ground!!!! Hitting the ball may result in: advancing the runner, forced errors, bloop hits, bad hops/lost in the sun balls, and will frustrate the pitcher and opposing team.

As a two strike hitter, you MUST battle !! It is war and you must win! Practice your two strike stance and stroke…in the mirror, off the tee, with soft toss, etc and visualize contact and a positive result! YOU can do it!!!