April Baseball Intelligence..the early bird gets the worm!!!!

I have attached our April B-IQ early as we are headed to AZ for awhile.  Must leave the cold for the warm as it has been a dreadful winter!

This particular attachment is from my old Out In Left Field Blog and though it was apropos for this time of the year…pls do enjoy it! Also, added the ROPE!!!



Our team of 21 and l be headed to Hanoi on the 7th of April for the 10th “Baseball Connect” trip.  The Hanoi National Team will be visiting us June 19-22 and that is very exciting.  This young team will try to be the first team in Vietnamese History to try to qualify for the next World Baseball Classic…it has been our dream since 2008 and they are on their way..you just never know.

Our fund raising campaign has come up a bit short for the 2017 budget.  We would appreciate any help or leads so we can “defeat the dearth” and provide our program(s) with the necessary funding.  Thanks for your consideration.  Donations may be made to:  FirstSwing, PO Box 497, Medina, WA 98039

GAGPTH and as they say, “The ump yells PLAY BALL, not WORK Ball!”



Klouters Baseball


2017 Tournaments Have Been Scheduled

Check the 2017 tournaments page to view

FirstSwing FINAL Workout Camp is Sunday March 19th from 9am-Noon

FirstSwing FirstSwing is hosting it’s final camp of the winter and pre-season; Sunday, March 19th, at Kellogg Middle School from 9am-noon. The cost for the session is $70.00 and is limited to 40 players. This camp will be focusing on the basics of hitting and the drills that young players must do to improve their skill sets!  Hitting is the toughest of all skills to learn as an athlete.  We will work on the proper physical mechanics as well as the mental aspect.  This is a very important session as it will allow each player to have many swings and to really work on making good solid contact. The key to hitting is REPETITION and we will  provide the drills for the players to do on their own and at home!

Our motto is “Full head=empty bat” and will tech the players to focus on the ball and not on where it will go lour on missing it!!  See it and Hit it..and then RUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!

Pls do pass on this to others as we are always looking for new campers. 

Registration Form:  Winter PreSeason Workout March 19 2017

Lastly, the FirstSwing Foundation(501c3 non-profit) is an Amazon Associate and we would appreciate your support by purchasing items from Amazon through our portal at klouter.org.  You simply go to our site (you are here now) and on the right hand side of the page, click on the Amazon ad and VIOLA! a percentage of your purchase(s) go to us as a donation..Thanks for any help you may provide..GAGPTH!  Coach Phil

Please email phrog38@hotmail.com with any questions or if you wish to recommend a “newcomer” or rookie that you believe will WORK HARD to “Get Good!” TY and GAGPTH! Coach Phil  


Keep Caught Up:

Remember it is most important to work on your deficiencies!!

Bong Chay (Baseball) in Vietnam 2016:
FirstSwing Foundation returned to Hanoi in April!




United States

Our Baseball Connect Klouter team again returned to Hanoi, Vietnam to continue our work.


2015 Hanoi Cup

Read about our 2016 trip and view photos on our Facebook page.